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Dual/Triple Diploma

Highly Recommend

I am currently studying the Dual Diploma in holistic and spiritual counselling.

Through my years of trying to fix myself and find out the why’s as to being diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD and alcohol and food addiction along the way. Extensive stays in overseas 5 star rehabilitation centres, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors to name a few, which weren’t completely ineffective but also not completely effective either.

This course has allowed me to look at areas that have been missed in the above mentioned, which seem are creating a lot of A-ha moments for me.

I’m discovering a lot of answers that just weren’t available in these other services.

Whether this course is for self discovery, growth and development or to aid in better educating ones self to assist others; I highly recommend.

I believe it bridges the gap between what we have now out there to giving a more well rounded approach!

Candice Pickett

New Purpose

Doing this course was a long journey for me. During this time I was recovering from a physical injury that completely changed my life. There were days where it was just painful to do anything but this course kept me motivated and uplifted me so many times.

There is so much material to learn from, so many meditations and activities that bring insights and invite us to reflect. Along the course I became aware of so many things about myself, about others and about the world, that I have changed as a person. I became more mature at a soul level.

I am starting a new life, with a new direction and a new purpose. I am very grateful for everything I have learned and experienced in every step of the way and for all the support that Stephanie gave me along this journey.

Joana Campos

Highly Commend

As a professional educator and established therapist, I highly commend the course and the college, for not only those seeking a new career; but to all who are seeking to deepen their connection and understanding of the inter-relationships within which we all live, work and play.

Foty, NSW


This course was so thorough in both theory and practical.

I loved every minute of it.

Thank you so much.

Gabrielle, VIC


I found the course to be profound and supportive in all subjects; providing opportunities of great shifts and insight.

A wonderful, personal journey of growth and development.

Many thanks Stephanie.

Sarah, VIC
Diversional Therapist


The Dual Diploma took me on a journey of self discovery.

This not only allowed me to evolve as a person, but to better understand the human condition and make me a more effective healer.

The course notes are comprehensive; the range of activities maintained my interest and the support and feedback was timely and helpful.

Spiridoula, NSW

Loved this course

Overall I loved this course. Not only do I feel I have the skills to be a competent practitioner; I have also grown and developed myself.

Christel, VIC


Wonderful course to learn and gain understanding in holistic and complementary therapies; with practical activities and learning experiences.

A beautiful way to continue and be supported on your personal journey along with helping others.

Jazmin, SA

So much appreciation

I have felt challenged and blessed through this entire course.

My family and I have felt the benefits of applying this valuable knowledge to our day to day lives.

So much appreciation, thank you Natural Energies College!

Letisha Robbins, QLD

User Friendly

Very comprehensive course that involves a lot of techniques that can be used to draw upon with clients.

Thank you for your support in making the course user friendly and easy to understand.

Nicole Palmer, NSW

Epic journey!

What an epic journey! I have thoroughly enjoyed this course experience. It has been an absolute life changing gift. The amount of awareness and growth I have experienced is phenomenal.

I’m feeling so ready to work as a holistic counsellor and complementary therapist now; and are sure of what I want for my life now and in the future; which is the first time I have ever had this deep knowing. I feel so incredibly empowered and trust that it will all work out for me.

Thank you for your support. It hasn’t been an easy ride at times, however I have absolutely loved the content and have been waiting/asking for a course like this since I left year 12.

Jessica, VIC

Wealth of Knowledge

I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given to start and complete the Dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling.

It was filled with continuous warm support, a wealth of knowledge & information; and a wonderful journey that you need to experience for yourself.

It has empowered me and given me direction not just personally but also professionally in using the numerous amazing counselling skills and healing modalities.

I highly recommend Natural Energies College to anyone who is looking for personal self development or to take in to a professional level.

Thank you Stephanie for such a liberating and positive life changing journey.

Sylvia Varady, NSW
Holistic Counsellor & Complementary Therapist

In depth

A deep thank you for all the guidance from Stephanie and for the creation of this course.

You can feel the absolute dedication and love for this work. It is very indepth; and there’s a lot of gentle, yet deep inner work you will do on yourself – the future outcomes come from a place of gratitude for walking on this path.

It is an honour to be able to be of service to my clients and to know I can work with various modalities according to their healing needs.

I have really enjoyed this course and am saddened it has come to an end.

Thank you very much for the experience.

Sasha, VIC
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Release Facilitator

Loved it!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

It is one of a personal awakening as you journey through the modules.

I have not only learned a lot about myself but have many tools I can share with my clients.

Loved it!!! Thank you.

Leanne Sandrone, NSW


When I began my studies I had no idea how much I would learn about myself and how important holistic health can be.

The course has been simple to follow; and the assistance given throughout my studies have made my experience worth all the hard work.

Thank you for all your understanding and support.

I couldn’t recommend this college enough!

Gabriel Pepe, SA
Holistic Counsellor & Complementary Therapist


An amazing course that not only helps you grow on a personal and spiritual level, but also gives you the knowledge and skills to excel in the industry.

Sarah Bisscheroux, VIC

So Relevant

I feel so luck to have been able to study something so close to my heart, and so relevant to my life.

Thank you.

Bianca Wolff, VIC

Life Changing


Life changing.

I enjoyed how much variety in content the Dual diploma has.

It was a pleasure to do all the activities and see results week by week.

I learned a lot about myself and also as a practitioner, I got a huge back of tools to use with clients.

Catalina Corales, NSW
Massage Therapist

Highly Recommend

I am so pleased that I followed my intuition in beginning this course. Not only is it professionally presented, extremely thorough and multifaceted in its content, it is also a personal development journey.

I experience two traumatic life events during my enrolment in this course and I don’t think I would have coped quite so well had I not been learning about myself and studying such practical techniques, which were able to assist me.

I greatly appreciated the ‘at your own pace’ delivery which allowed me to easily incorporate study into my lifestyle as a mother with young kids. 

Highly recommend. 

Briony Boulton, VIC


I have found completing the Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and  Complementary Therapies to be an amazing part of my own personal development. 

It has helped me work through many of  my life issues, problems and satisfied my curiosity in tapping into “myself” 


Michele, VIC

Life changing

Such a life changing experience I have had in the past two years through the course I have studied. 

Highly recommend for people who would like to improve the quality of their life; increase their happiness and inner peace.

Big thank you to the teacher who supported me all the way to the completion of this course. 

Much appreciated!

Fumika Machino, NSW

Thoroughly Enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. 

I learnt so much about myself and it really helped me to make many positive shifts; enabling me to better assist my clients in their own healing journey. 

Lizzy Yates, VIC
Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

Highest Quality

I was seeking a comprehensive course of real substance, that would challenge and expand me both personally and professionally; and I’d researched many before choosing NEC. I am delighted I followed my intuition.

This is a course of self-discovery and illumination; and it is a qualification that is earned.

The course theory is detailed and relevant; and the activities encourage you to become comfortable with the techniques, and confident in working with clients.

The feedback and guidance offered throughout the learning journey is of the highest quality and always very supportive.

The Dual Diploma will not only assist you in developing skills to enhance your clinical practice, it will also equip you with the knowledge and experience to create and live a balanced life. 

If the success of this course was measured by life’s trials positively negotiated, then it is a gold medalist. 

Lee Parkes, NSW
Hypnotherapist & Holistic Counsellor


I thoroughly enjoyed my course and I have learnt so much for myself and to help others.

It has been amazing, thank you.

Vivienne Jagelman, NSW

Beautiful Course

The Dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies & Holistic Counselling was a beautiful course. 

I found it extremely helpful for my own growth and look forward to building a business in counselling to share my knowledge.

Stephanie was always available to answer questions and support me. 

I recommend the course to anyone who is wanting to expand their knowledge and growth; as well as wanting a holistic career.

Vicki Young, WA
Holistic Therapist

Highly Inspiring

I have completed the Dual Diploma and cannot recommend it highly enough. 

The material, assessments and support are highly inspiring, motivating and full of so much knowledge.

Stephanie Fleeton, NSW


When I decided to enrol in the Dual Diploma, without knowing it, I gave myself the opportunity to start an incredible journey.

The course in itself was beyond my expectations; due to the number and variety of topics covered. But more than that, I found that the combination of theory and practice – through learning a technique first and then applying it on myself & others – gave me not only a deeper understanding and precious hands on experience, but also took me through a journey of self discovery and profound healing.

I am truly grateful for all the kind support I received along the way; and I am very pleased for each hour of my time I invested in this study.

Alessandra Viglio, VIC
IT Application Team Leader


I have found this course amazing and so inspiring. 

My tutor was amazing with anything I needed help with. 

She was always on hand even though we were so far away.

This has been a very enlightening and fulfilling diploma.

Helen, SA

Loved every minute

I loved every minute of studying the Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies. 

The knowledge and experience I have gained from this course has been life changing and I would highly recommend it and Natural Energies College.

Sally-Ann, VIC


The Dual Diploma course has been an enlightening journey for me as it has enabled me to understand myself and my own behaviour a lot more.

It has given me the knowledge and understanding to help deal with clients in a more professional manner and be able to given them the correct guidance and assistance they need.

The contents of the course has been thorough and covered a vast range of topics which I found very interesting; and has given me the desire to continue to study several of the subjects to enhance what I have already learnt. 

I would highly recommend this course and the college to anyone wanting to further their education in natural therapies.

Susan Evans, VIC
Owner of New Age Store/Complementary Therapies

Peace and Faith

I enrolled in this course planning to start a new career. 

I wanted to help others. 

Little did I know that the person I would help the most throughout the course would be myself. 

Whilst studying the Dual Diploma, I experienced a personal tragedy and this course unexpectedly became my lifeline. 

It helped me to regain perspective and restore a sense of peace and faith that I thought was lost. 

Beyond personal growth, the Dual Diploma has provided me with a toolkit of skills and knowledge to embark on a new career as intended. 

The strong focus on practical assessments has helped me gain not only experience but also confidence. 

Every moment of my studies sparked intrigue, insight and reflection. 

And every assessment cemented my understanding and knowledge.

Thank you Stephanie for all of your comments, support and guidance. 

I am eternally grateful and words cannot express my gratitude.

Karen, NSW


Amazing course with a wealth of information.

I could not recommend enough ūüôā

Georgia Bakker, VIC
Holistic Healer


This course is by far the best thing I’ve ever done.

I started out thinking that i was going to learn about healing others; but this whole experience has also transformed me as a person. 

It’s been a humbling, amazing journey that’s changed my life and my perceptions in the most positively incredible way.

Stephanie’s support and guidance has been invaluable; and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’s willing to change their life.  

Loved it! ūüôā

Deearne Laracy, VIC

Easy to read

I found the course to be easy to read and understand, with a great deal of information. 

I have learnt so much but most importantly, I have cleared a lot of my own stuff whilst doing the course. 

I now have a much better understanding of myself.

Helen Donato
Photocopy shop owner


The Dual Diploma is an excellent course and I recommend it to anyone wanting to progress further into the field of alternative therapies.

The theoretical component is concise and relevant. 

The practical is what you make of it – it can be both insightful and fun. 

The counselling component of this course provides a more empathic approach than traditional counselling methodologies; and combined with the complementary therapies, the client is offered true holistic care.

Karen Bedford
Registered Nurse

Easy to Understand

The dual diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies has been the most amazing course to undertake. 

I wanted to study a course that helped me to understand the connection between a person’s mind, body and spirit; how imbalance in one of these impacts on the others; and to to correct those imbalances and improve overall well-being. 

This course certainly taught me all of this but it also taught me a lot more. 

It was a personal journey during which I learnt self-acceptance, self love and empowerment.

It was my own personal life coach increasing my awareness of living a holistic, nurturing and balanced lifestyle. It guided me to live in sync with the energies of the universe (seasons, phases of the moon etc.). 

It has made me a better person and I look forward to passing on to others all that I have learnt. 

Thank you NEC for providing a course that I feel was made just for me. 

The content was interesting, easy to understand, the activities were fascinating and fun and I always felt very supported.

Meagan Wittchen, SA
Registered Nurse

Life Changing Course

I have completed several extensive courses on health. This is the first time that I have found a course that ensures the participant not only develops their skills on a professional level, but also allows for personal growth.

Stephanie has developed an integrated, holistic course; with solid theoretical foundations and empowering energy based activities; providing a space for positive shifts to occur in my life and far-reaching changes in the lives of the volunteers that I worked with.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is professionally exploring energy work; wants to expand their knowledge on holistic health and/or experience a potentially life changing course.

Bronwyn Marshall, NSW
Teacher & Wellbeing Mentor


Thank you for the wonderful experience I had as a student of Natural Energies College. 

It has truly changed me and brought me so much further along on my journey. 

Your insightful comments on my work have helped me broaden my views and open my eyes in a way I couldn’t have on my own.

Thank you for bringing this course into the world. I’m sure it has and will continue to touch so many. 

With much gratitude.

Tsiona Martin, UK


Doing this course gave me the confidence to assist my students with their development and knowing that I was doing the right thing by them.

Dawn Favaloro, VIC

A blessing

This course has been a blessing to my life. 

The knowledge I have gained is so valuable to me and hopefully others. 

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing course. 

The technique I now have allow me to have great relationships and a better understanding. 

Thank you Stephanie.

Kirsty Roberts, WA

Depth of Knowledge

When I first started this course, it was for my information only – or at least I thought so. 

I now realise the depth of knowledge gained and this has allowed me to acknowledge I will be offering Holistic Counselling sessions, utilising my counselling and complementary therapies knowledge, combined with my Reiki and Reflexology skills.

Thank you for this excellent course.

Julie Marchetti, WA


I have totally enjoyed the course; each week was exciting and enlightening. 

I highly recommend this course whether it be for self development, to gain new employment or just to attain an awareness in healing and counselling for friends and family.

Carolyn, WA


I loved this course. 

I especially enjoyed the diversity of the subjects and information. 

Doing the activities throughout taught me so much personally and gave me the opportunity to have some wonderful experiences with my volunteers.

Several times I felt the activities were beyond my capabilities/skills, so to get the results in the end was really rewarding.

I really enjoyed the metaphysical subjects – challenging myself to do some of the activities and the synchronicity time and time again was a reminder to be open to anything.

I have been practicing as a Natural Therapist for nearly 20 years. 

I feel this course has helped me to revisit and refresh things I had already studied and given me a whole extra set of skills to use with my clients.

Linda Kinch, NSW
Natural Therapist

Excellent Course

I have valued my journey of discovery and learning with Natural Energies College. 

The work carried out in complete the Diploma has been stimulating, challenging and enjoyable.

I have always believed in holistic well-being, and considering the needs of the Whole person. 

This course has given me a greater practical knowledge of this area. 

I have learned strategies which I hope I may effectively  use to assist others who seek to support improved health and well being through a holistic approach.

My thanks to Stephanie, the College Principal, for the excellent course she has developed and for her support throughout.

Jeanette, VIC

Solid Foundation

I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Dual Diploma of Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling. 

I feel it has expanded my skills as a Natural Therapist; giving me some fantastic tools and a solid foundation to continue to assist people on their healing journey.

Thank you Natural Energies College.

Sarah, QLD

Life Changing

Having completed my Dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling, I can confidently say that my journey through this course has been life changing.

A very involved course, beautifully facilitated and accessible worldwide. 

I highly recommend this beautiful course.

Celina Reilly, QLD
Beauty Therapist/Business Owner

A Voyage of Self Discovery

I began studying the Dual Diploma with no real direction in mind or really with any idea of how I would use it. 

The course ticked all the right boxes for me – home study, counselling skills, metaphysical studies and crystals. 

Little did I know I would be embarking on a voyage of self discovery, self healing and expansion. 

The course has pushed my boundaries and supported me all the way through.

I have grown in more ways that one. 

I found the course at times challenging but I now see it to be invaluable to me as I progress towards being Complimentary Therapist and Energy Healer.

Rachael Peterson, WA
Administration & Animal Healer

Wonderful Experience

I loved this course.

Not only have I  learnt the skills to become a great Holistic Healer, but also learned so  much about myself in the process. 

I am a better person than when I started.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Carrol Porra, VIC


The Dual Diploma is an exceptional, professional training course; providing students with a sacred journey into the inner self. 

Here, mystifying pathways open to heightened spiritual awareness and a holistic, enchanted way of being.

The course content is intellectually and spiritually stimulating; reconnecting us to the essence of the soul and one’s intrinsic ability to heal through wisdom.

Keeping students inspired and focused on their goals, Stephanie’s intriguing course content together with her guidance gives individuals with passion, the extended insight and knowledge required to start a new, specialised career in Natural Therapies.

My heart is full of gratitude in return.

Lisa Sinclair, VIC

Absolutely loved...

I absolutely loved and enjoyed this course. 

I loved the lessons and the wonderful constructive, yet encouraging feedback.

I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about truly moving forward in their life. 

I had been looking at many different options out there; but in the end was guided to Natural Energies College. 

I am truly grateful to spirit for directing my path to a course that has enhanced my journey in many ways.

Rena Marzouk, NSW

Perfect Balance

This diploma course is very professionally done. It is very detailed and thorough. It covers so many aspects of Complimentary Therapies and Holistic Counselling. 

The unexpected part of this course for me was now much I grew and learnt within myself. This course offers the perfect balance, bridging mainstream with alternative. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone if they are serious about their business or personal development.

Alexandra Merrick, SA

Deepest Gratitude

I extend my deepest gratitude to the college for the depth and range of information and skills included in the Dual Diploma of Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling. 

As a counsellor trained in the conventional way, I originally chose to undertake these studies to further my understanding of holistic health; in particular the metaphysical and energetic sciences that I had dabbled in for many years. 

Through completing this course I have consolidated and deepened my knowledge. 

More importantly, the course provided me with experience in the practical application of these sciences.

The Dual Diploma was presented in an integrated way that allowed me to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge in counselling  and holistic healing. 

As a counsellor of many years experience, I feel I have gained immensely in both my ability to deal with future clients and the ability to improve my own life through holistic principles. 

Thank you Natural Energies College.

Gerard Livermore, NSW

Life Change

I cannot recommend the Dual Diploma course highly enough. 

What started as a career change soon became a life change and enhancement that whilst unexpected, has been totally invaluable. 

Thank you.

Gail, NSW
Complementary Therapist and Holistic Counsellor

Highly Recommend

After no formal studying for many years, I found this course quite fulfilling, challenging and well rounded. 

The supervision comments were thorough and constructive. 

I gained many insights and different perspectives within the content. 

The theory aspects of this course broadened my awareness of the many subtleties within the skills of counselling that are needed to be effective.

The practical activities gave me the experience and understanding that I could then apply and integrate into my daily life or utilise on a higher level when dealing with others.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and deepened my understanding of life’s journey from this course. 

I feel more confident and well grounded within myself. 

I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking enlightenment in any form.

Lesley Watts, VIC

Thank you xxx

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying the Dual Diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling. 

When I started on this course, I had no idea how much I would learn about myself and the healing that would take place. 

I feel well equipped to help and counsel others and look forward to doing this. 

I feel blessed to be able to help and guide others as I have been. 

Thank you xxx.

Kim Norton, VIC

Thoroughly enjoyed

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the Dual Diploma and have learned a lot that I can apply to both my professional and personal life.



The dual diploma in Complementary Therapies and Holistic Counselling is an excellent course. 

It has been an amazing journey; awakening my heart and soul to the natural healing energies that we share. 

I sincerely appreciate all the support, wisdom and guidance shown to me at all times. 

I highly recommend this outstanding course.

Jayne, VIC

Life Purpose

I  have really enjoyed the course and experienced many new insights into my inner self and life purpose. 

I have emerged with a great sense of self love, kindness and compassion in not only myself but in the world around me; along with invaluable tools and experience to assist others with their healing in the future.

Natalie Goss, VIC


The course content is varied and allows you to explore a variety of modalities, techniques and approaches to wellbeing. 

The course encourages you to look within and reflect deeply on your own journey. 

This component is different to other courses that I have undertaken and critical as a healer/counsellor.

Kristy, NSW
Energetic and Intuitive Healer


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an outstanding, creative and thoroughly enjoyable course. 

It has been an honour, and an amazing experience to have been a student at the College. 

I highly recommend Natural Energies College for anyone interested in natural healing and/or holistic counselling.

Helen Lauretig, VIC
Holistic Counsellor/Complementary Therapist

Thank you

I loved everything about this course. 

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to heal, grow and develop in every aspect of their life. 

The course content and activities are relevant, diverse, insightful, stimulating and inspirational. 

The course helped me think outside the square. It offers great practical experience and has given me the confidence to take the next step. 

Not only did I benefit from this course, but so did my family, friends, work colleagues and clients.

Congratulations and thank you for putting together such a wonderful course.

Lesley, ACT
Public Servant/Celebrant

Enriches the soul

The Dual Diploma enriches the soul, challenging the depths of your mind and grounding it through love and acceptance. 

It’s a course I would highly recommend to anyone. 

The connectedness you will learn towards yourself, nature, beauty and the outer world far surpasses any googling you can do. 

Go for it, be real, be brave and welcome and embrace the new and unique you. You’re worth the journey!! 

Enjoy xxx


So easy to study....

The dual diploma was fantastic. 

The course has terrific and relevant content. 

The college’s ongoing support made it so easy to study by correspondence. 

This course allows you to have a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Corey, VIC


I am so fortunate to have found Natural Energies College with its range of exciting course options. 

Making a choice proved difficult. I realised I wanted to study it all! 

So I chose the Dual Diploma. My journey from that single decision has led me on a stimulating, spiritually enlivening, intense and joyful holistic learning adventure. 

I am already sharing what I have learned with others through practical assignments. 

Thank you for developing such a comprehensive course. 

Thank you also for your wonderful guidance, inspiration and ready willingness to help me achieve my best.

Dual Diploma Student


The Dual Diploma course was so much more than I had imagined in the beginning. 

It has been a delightful journey of personal development on the way to becoming a complementary therapist and holistic counsellor.

An extremely thorough, high quality, inspiring and empowering course that has given me a very strong, broad and deep understanding to help people effectively in my future.

Giselle Geiger, QLD
Holistic Health Counsellor and Therapist

Personal Growth

Great course for personal growth, as well as learning skills on all levels to help others. 

Supervision support was always available – encouraging, helpful and caring advice.

Dianne, VIC
School Support Officer

Highly Recommend

Studying the dual diploma has changed my life both personally and professionally. I have gained many tools to heal my own mind, body & spirit, as well as the knowledge and tools to pass on to others and help them live their best lives. My thanks to Stephanie for her knowledge, wisdom and patience. I highly recommend the Dual Diploma to all.

Amanda Pattenden, VIC
Massage Therapies/ Holistic Healer


I now have confidence in applying the knowledge and skills acquired…. 

I use this gained awareness in every aspect of living and teaching.

I feel at peace with myself…. 

Thank you for an enjoyable journey. This confirms my purpose in life.

Corrine Brown
International Examiner & Holistic Trainer


This course has been nothing but life-changing  for me and inspirational, on a personal and professional level. I found the course engaging, rewarding and empowering. It has enabled me to reach a greater depth of understanding and appreciation for myself as well as others around me. It has helped me become more aware of self and others.

The knowledge and experience I have gained through the course has certainly helped me support my clients as they heal their lives. I have attained a greater depth of understanding, compassion, love and an appreciation for the human experience. This course is a must for someone looking to support others in their journey of healing as well as creating a balanced peaceful and happy experience of life for themselves.

I highly recommend this course for those who wish to seek their own truth and then in turn help others in their own development. Many thanks to the Principal Stephanie, for her invaluable insight and support in helping me become the person I am today through the wisdom and practical experience I have gained from her course.

I enjoyed this course immensely and am very grateful for the experience.

April Vigurs, NSW
Reiki Master/Practitioner

Diploma Holistic Counselling

Loved Every Moment

I have truly loved every moment of this experience.

I feel this course has not only helped me gain the knowledge and skills to help others but has also transformed my life. I have grown so much as a person and have changed a lot as a result. I am truly comfortable in my own skin and have a deep appreciation for the beautiful life I have been blessed with.

I am so grateful to you for creating such an incredible course that has not only made me a better person, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and business woman but has also showed me that this is my calling and helping others whether through dance, fitness, yoga and holistic counselling is what I am meant to be doing with my life. Thank you!

Jessica, VIC

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in counselling and self expansion.

This course has been extremely beneficial for my own well-being and I cannot wait to share the knowledge I have gained with my future clients.

Thank you Stephanie.

Jasmina, VIC

Magical Experience

2 years ago, I was intuitively led to this course and it has changed the direction of my life. It has been a beautiful journey with many ‘aha’ moments and has given me the gift of deeper self-awareness and connection to my soul.

As a mother I’ve become more patient, as a wife I’ve become more understanding, and as a human being I am living my version of fulfilment.

I have found my purpose – to hold space for others without judgment and empower them on their path to a more contented life through self-discovery and inner healing.

Thank you Stephanie for this magical experience.

Elizabeth Ball, VIC


I loved everything about this course.

The college was extremely professional and replied to every email promptly. Their insights were amazing and gave a greater depth to an already outstanding course.

The course content was set up to industry standards while also supplying interesting anecdotal information.

Kerrie Baldock, NSW
Reflexologist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner


I would recommend the Diploma in Holistic Counselling offered through Natural Energies College to anyone wishing to further support their own growth and understanding; as well as anyone wanting to offer to clients a greater level of support in a more comprehensive, holistic matter.

The content offered an opportunity to achieve all of the above with plenty of online guidance and support, along with understanding and support throughout this time of unprecedented happenings due to Covid.

Lee, NSW
Complementary Therapist

Highly Recommend

I learned so much about myself during the last two years. I’m definitely not the same person that opened the first module all that time ago.

Highly recommend taking the course, it will challenge you in a good way.

Angie, SA

Self confidence

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it assisted me with self development and self confidence.

The course was very interesting and also very applicable to every day life, especially in today’s world.

Thank you.

Sonia, QLD


I am so incredibly happy that I decided to do this course as this is no comparison to how I learnt a decade ago.

I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor and undertook this course for revision and to increase my skill set. What I learnt in my previous course was so inadequate in comparison to this course. I have not sat down and absorbed it all yet but in what I’ve read so far, I just love your detail, its so comprehensive and so easy to follow and understand. And I love how simply, step by step you put everything. The additional metaphysical is such an integral part of my counselling practise, but was missing from my original studies. If I had of learnt this way originally, it would have given me the confidence to go out on my own immediately instead of taking me years.

I have so far read through the first two manuals and have gained some great strategies that I know will be helpful for my clients. It has given me a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy that had been lacking over the last few years & I needed that boost to continue with what’s always been my passion of helping and empowering others.

I am so grateful that I decided to refresh and reskill, such a necessary part of any practitioners practise.

Angela, NSW


I found the Holistic Counselling Diploma course educations, inspirational and practical.

the knowledge and tools provided are valuable for both personal and professional use.

The course itself is very well thought out and covers a lot of ground; which can be put to good use in the field.

Stephanie has a warm manner and was very approachable if I was unsure of anything. I also found her feedback really helpful.

Using the tools I have learnt from the course has provided my case study volunteer with an understanding of the root cause of his situation. He feels confident in moving forward with a clear head and with new tools to use when he needs them.

I highly recommend this course. I have already seen the change this knowledge can bring to someone who was feeling stuck.

Can you do it? Yes, you can.

Tiriwa Cooper, NSW
Past Life & Between Life Regression Therapist

Highly Recommend

I thoroughly enjoyed and got great benefit from doing this course; not only for my work but on a personal level also. 

Would highly recommend doing any of the courses with Natural Energies College. 

Thank you Stephanie for all. 

Roslyn Douglas, WA
Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner


This course is perfect for energy healers who want to provide further healing to their clients. 

I actually believe every child in their final year of school should be offered this course to understand themselves and the world around them better. 

Bernadette Whitaker
Cook Islands Teacher's Aide


What a rewarding experience this course has been. 

The skills and knowledge I have gained will be invaluable in my practice. 

Great course content & support along the way. 

With gratitude. 

Alison Evans
Reiki practitioner


This course has been one of the best things I have ever done.

It has helped me evolve into a better person physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

The various activities have enriched not only my life, but the life of those around me. 

I have gained confidence and a new perspective on myself and life. 

The college is professional in every respect, and I was grateful to have my work marked in a timely  manner. 

I would recommend this college to anyone with holistic interests.

Michelle Oberdorf, NSW


An exciting journey of learning and achievement. 

Practical content, easy to understand and follow.

Prompt and reliable online support. 

Highly Recommend.

Julia Smith, QLD
Energy Healer


I have increased my knowledge and skills whilst studying the diploma of Holistic Counselling. 

I have learned so much more about myself and have a greater understanding of the power of love and forgiveness for myself; as well as others.

Christine, QLD

Varied & Interesting

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling course was not only useful in training to help others; it was a great self development course in and of itself. 

The subjects were varied and interesting and I learned a lot about myself along the way. 

Heather, New Zealand


This course is amazing.

I chose to undertake the Diploma  in Holistic Counselling as a way of adding to my clinical skills; however what I also learnt was how to heal myself. 

This has been an incredible journey and I would recommend to others.

Support was great and all results were returned to my email within 48 hours.

I am grateful for the experience.

Much thanks, Glee ūüôā

Glee Richardson, NSW


This course was very insightful. It has enriched my life in a holistic sense.

I have a greater understanding of my self and others around me. 

It is very practical and hands on, with many wonderful exercises to put into practice in your Healing practice or within your own life.

I simply love that it combines sprituality with a psychological aspect.

I am highly grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to complete this diplome. 

Thank you Stephanie so much for all your support along the way, you are a wonderful teacher.

Madeleine Nassis, NSW
Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer


This course has allowed me to explore more of myself Рto get to know myself and to understand myself more. The most useful tool for me was learning how to change my core beliefs. 

This has been so empowering.

Where I’m at right now is that I truly believe that once we know and understand ourselves more, and we take the time and effort to do that, we can then understand others in a way that we never thought was possible.

I also realise that this journey to know more of myself is sometimes nothing to do with doing and attaining, but about letting go.



Studying at Natural Energies College has been not only a life changing experience, but more so a spiritual and life development experience. 

I have evolved so much as a person over the last 2 years, and along the way I enjoyed being able to explore not only my spirituality but how  others also develop spiritually, and how I can assist and recognise key features within others.

I feel guided, grounded and strong after completing my studies. 

I now believe in my path and my journey going forward with clarity.

The feedback throughout my studies was amazing, thoughtful and supportive.

Definitely a course that can benefit one’s life holistically; aiding personal and professional growth.

100% would recommend, and have.

Miranda, VIC


The course content, pace and supervision provided was wonderful. 

The combination of regular activity assessments and final supervision piece really cemented my knowledge.

I feel confident in sharing my knowledge and skills with paying clients. I cannot speak more highly of this course.

Carmela Pollock, VIC
Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master Teacher


This course has been amazing. 

I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge, tools and understanding in all areas of my life. 

I am excited to finally reach my dream and put into practise all that I have learnt. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity and for all the guidance, patience and support.

Thank you

Rhonda, VIC


Completing this course has been such an amazing journey. 

I am blessed to have been able to do  it; and I am grateful for the chance. 

It has given me the ability to remove my own blocks and heal my past.

The course modules were fantastic. 

It has been great to expand my knowledge; to help grow a business where I can help people to live the lives they deserve in a way that makes them truly happy.

I hope I can do for others what this course has done for me. 

Truly grateful, thank you.

Hayley Hughes, SA

Holistic Worldview

I truly enjoyed the study of Diploma in Holistic Counselling! 

It has brought a holistic worldview and a holistic lifestyle to me. 

The course content and materials are comprehensive and solid; which covers a wide range of knowledge fields and methodologies. 

I developed a full set of skills and knowledge from them.

The study has been very intriguing and practical; which differs from most conventional studies.

Ruifei Tang, New Zealand
Environmental Consultant


This has been a wonderful journey of discovery into Holistic Therapy. 

The course content was incredibly informative, insightful, interesting and always well presented.

The topics covered and the activities throughout were motivational, as was the feedback and guidance. 

Stephanie’s assistance, support and supervision was beyond measure; so nurturing and encouraging.¬†

I look forward to sharing these pearls of wisdom with many others in the future.

A heartfelt thank you.

Mel Bates, VIC

Life Changing

Life Changing – After the loss of my firstborn child (10 years ago), I was extremely fortunate to be guided into the very special hands of a holistic counsellor.

Knowing firsthand the power of this incredible approach to healing, I knew one day I wanted to do the same for others.

I embarked on this course whilst working part-time teaching young children and raising my three beautiful daughters.

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling not only resonated with my heart, it brought further healing and self discovery. It provided me with a unique skills set to go forth and share the gift of healing with others.

Emma, NSW
Kindergarten Teacher


Thank you very much; it has been an amazing two year journey. 

I look forward to put into practise what I have learnt. 

Minka, NSW


The course format makes it easy and enjoyable to complete.

Joanne, VIC

Personal Evolution

The diploma in Holistic Counselling has given me the ability to learn about myself at a much deeper level.

I’ve gained tools to understand both individuals and relationships with a broader view; and strategies to assist others with both issues and empowerment.

In fact, the personal evolution I’ve achieved through this course has given me the empowerment to follow my path of assisting and guiding others and making a difference to people’s lives.

Thank for your support and guidance and training. 

Annette Yazbek, NSW


I loved every activity from this course and I found the theory very informative as well. 

This course not only changed my career path but also my life. 

I am very grateful.

Tanya-Lee Molloy


I chose the Diploma in Holistic Counselling because I have always had a strong desire to help people heal their life mentally, physically and spiritually. 

I never anticipated that not only would I learn the skills and techniques to be a holistic counsellor, but that I would also be taken on a journey of my  own self discovery, healing and transformation.

The activities and assessments in this course were exciting, sometimes challenging, however empowering and necessary for my learning and development.

The theory in each module was very informative, well written and easy to follow with an excellent balance between theory and practice.

My tutor, was always available whenever I had a question of concern. 

Her guidance throughout the course was invaluable as it gave me direction and focus; encouraging me to complete this amazing journey.

I now feel confident that I have the skills and knowledge required to guide and empower my clients to heal and find their life purpose and experience happiness.

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking true holistic development and I am grateful to Stephanie and staff at Natural Energies College for delivering an exceptional course. 

Thank you.

Loreta Berti, NSW


A challenging, yet heartfelt journey of learning, understanding and healing. 

A leap of faith into the unknown; trusting, exploring, discovering how I am and who I am in this world and in relationships.

Owning, appreciating and loving all aspects of myself. 

Within the shadows came the calling and through the process I have opened to a magical journey of inspiration, creativity and personal growth.

With deepest love and immense gratitude to the college for the wonderful experience. 

Thank you ūüôā

Susan Emary, VIC
Support Worker/Nurse


This course is really grounded, which makes it perfect for learning and understanding the topics; with the content also being really intelligently put together.

It leads to massive personal development, in ways you don’t even plan for. I guess to be a healer, you need to heal yourself first.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to be a healer and/or wishes to achieve their highest potential in this life.

Brad Hollis, SA


I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in this area.

The knowledge and skills I have gained through this course….amazing. The content was thorough and well supported as well as the feedback and supervision – very prompt and professional.

Alison Trice, NSW
Flight Attendant

Highly Recommend

Not only did I heal myself, I feel confident I have gained the skills to help others.

Highly recommend.

Tanya Everett, NSW


This Holistic Counselling course has been a wonderful and inspiring journey. 

What I have gathered throughout this course has not only assisted my confidence in moving forward with my career, but it provided  me with many invaluable tools, lessons and life skills that I have been able to implement into my own personal life.

I would happily recommend Natural Energies College and am thankful to now be looking forward and ahead with a new found sense of understanding, dedication and enthusiasm.

Corinne Khamis
Chakra Dance Facilitator

Highly Recommend!

This course is excellent both for personal and professional development. Although the course is completely by correspondence; and mode of contact is email only, the response time for email communication is excellent. 

I highly recommend this course!

Belinda Owen


This has been a fantastic study experience. 

Thank you for your flexibility and ongoing support.

Kim, WA
Wellness Coach

Exemplary Standard

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling is not only a fantastic course to undertake, but a great healing tool for personal growth of self. 

The opportunity to undertake assessments on self healing is pivotal in empowering you to ‘walk your talk’, when guiding others on their own ¬†healing journey.

The course content and tutorial assistance is of an exemplary standard and I highly recommend Natural Energies College as a preferred choice should anyone be considering study in this field.

Tara, WA
Reiki Practitioner / Holistic Counsellor


Doing this course has taught me so much and made me look at myself and heal old patterns in my life.

Jacqueline Mckellar, SA
Remedial Massage Therapist

Loved every week!

I first met Stephanie back in 2006 when I completed the Diploma in Complementary Therapies and loved every single week! The classes helped me develop and grow on a personal and professional level. The course reinforced my passion for holistic healing.

Ten years later I am back and completing my Holistic Counselling diploma and I loved each and every assessment. These courses really do help you grow on  many levels and allow you to walk your talk. Being able to apply these skills to your own life gives you the confidence to assist your clients in their own personal growth as you have seen the results.

Stephanie is still the same passionate, caring and supportive person and one could not ask for a better teacher.

Thank you ūüôā

Belinda, VIC

Highly Recommend

Learning with Natural Energies College is much more than gaining a Diploma. 

My entire life has been transformed.

Step by step this course has healed  unresolved issues; pains have become lessons and it has enabled me to close my eyes and see with my soul. 

There are so many vantage points in life and I am now open to them.

I am grateful for my tutor’s insightful guidance and support throughout this journey and highly recommend this course.

Donna Sulja, VIC
Director, Diamond Homes Construction

Grow and Heal

I loved the way the metaphysical information was included within this interesting and highly educational diploma course. 

For those that have already completed healing modalities, this Holistic Counselling diploma will complement and expand your private practice. 

With all the content and activities it has helped me grow and heal on a human level and expand myself on a conscious level.

Janet Watson, SA
Hairdresser/Reiki Master


This course has been invaluable to deepening my own self awareness, growth and healing. 

For that alone it was well worth undertaking. 

But it has provided me with such a deep understanding and knowledge of the many facets of the journey of a human being, and has equipped me with the skills and tools that I am  now able to use every day; that I feel I can truly help others on their journey of self discovery and healing.

Natalie, VIC

Wonderfully Worthwhile!

Natural Energies College provided a service and content that was of an extremely high standard. From easy enrolment, to quick delivery of content and all fully explained thoroughly. 

Stephanie and the team were incredibly quick to mark and return all assessments, and were always fantastic to deal with for any queries. 

I would like to thank Stephanie and the staff for a wonderfully worthwhile experience! With their help, at 40, I’ve finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!!

Thank you so very much!

Alison Addison, VIC
Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Healer, Meditation Facilitator

Life Changing

Words cannot explain how life changing this course is. I have always been interested in counselling and I think it is so valuable that this course goes beyond just healing the mind; but healing the person as a whole – mind, body, spirit and heart.

The balance of theory and practice is excellent. Assignments were returned within a couple of days and any questions were quickly responded to.

I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this course and feel confident in  my abilities as a Holistic Counsellor. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

Anita, VIC

I feel qualified and ready

I feel I have achieved so  much during this course. 

I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally. 

I now feel qualified and ready to help others with Holistic Counselling.

Lisa Dixon, WA
Holistic Health Therapist

Becoming a Holistic Counsellor

I have really enjoyed the process of becoming a Holistic Counsellor. 

I found that the course material not only helped me in the way I work with others but also has helped me expand and grow on a personal level.

I have learnt many  new tools and the whole metaphysical world has opened up for me because I am now better equipped in tapping into it. 

Thank you so much for the support and the experience. 

Patrycia, VIC
Social Worker

Would Recommend

I did enjoy the course. At times it was challenging, but that’s what made it so worth while.

Both myself and my volunteers gained so much insight into ourselves and have learnt new ways of coping and dealing with life problems.

I definitely would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to study Holistic Counselling or to anyone that is in the Natural Therapies field and wants to increase their knowledge in Holistic Counselling and Metaphysics.

Being able to do the course at home and in my own time was a real  plus as well.  A big Thank you.

Cheryl-anne Leary, QLD
Yoga Teacher


Absolutely fantastic! 

A course I would recommend for anyone looking to make changes or improve their life and assist others to do so as well.

Danielle Lack, WA
Family Day Care Educator

Personal Growth

The Diploma of Holistic Counselling provided for both my own personal growth and my professional Development.

I enjoyed the course and feel excited about offering Holistic Counselling and Healing in my practice.

Theresa Peters, NSW
Principal & Practitioner, Wellness Artisan Studio

Spiritual Transformation

I was searching and searching for a course that would allow me to incorporate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of healing. 

I discovered the Diploma of Holistic Counselling course on the Natural Energies College website and my hands started buzzing. 

Straight away I knew I found the one. 

I recommend this course to everyone and anyone searching for something deeper. 

Thank you NEC!

Lisa Weydling, SA
Public Servant


I found the course content to be really inspiring and motivating. 

It often pushed my boundaries which when studying remotely is important to have. 

I really enjoyed each learning module and was really delighted with how I grew as a person and a healer through my studies.

Thank you.

Grace, NSW


I have really enjoyed the process of this course. 

I feel I have developed new skills and understanding in Holistic Counselling; being a little worried at first about starting and completing by correspondence. I found the activities and work challenging but at the same time rewarding. 

I enjoyed having the flexibility to study at times that were convenient to me. 

I was very satisfied with the structure and time frame of the course.

Patricia, NSW


I have truly enjoyed the Diploma in Holistic Counselling as it has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in a profound manner that I have never experienced before. 

It has also opened up the doors for me not only in my spiritual development but also in my professional life.

I am forever grateful.

Tammy Kilroy, NSW
Case Manager

Range and Depth

This course was brilliant for addressing personal issues and challenges as well as thoroughly preparing me for working with others. 

The course was quite rigorous and so I am confident that I have been well trained in preparation for my career.

I loved the range and depth of theory and how it could all be integrated. 

I found the written comments and suggestions were always supportive and sensitively given.

Karen, NSW
Retired Secondary School Principal


A very well put together course. 

I really enjoyed completing the Diploma.

Veronica, NSW

Believing in my ability

Through this diploma in Holistic Counselling course I was led on a path of understanding and self development which has allowed me to process and let go of some old patterns that in the past I have been resistant to. 

I loved the way the course covers all aspects of healing for a client and I got to see how effective it was working with my case studies. 

I have gained a lot of confidence from doing this course. 

The content, my own personal healing and believing in my ability to be a holistic counsellor has been amazing.

Maree Clark, VIC
Massage Therapist


Not only was this course insightful, but also empowering and full of positive energy. 

I have been able to develop skills and pursue a passion which I look forward to putting into practice.

This course has opened my mind and my soul.

It has helped me personally; healed me first hand. 

I am grown; I am enlightened, I am a part of a more positive holistic lifestyle…thank you.

Esther Murphy
Holistic Counsellor/Colour Therapist


The course has been transformative and healing on so many levels liberating and empowering. 

What an honour to work with the many healing techniques I have learned to assist others upon their healing journey and holistic path.


Hidden Treasure

The personal gifts you have given me throughout the past two years have reached well beyond what I could have imagined.  

I love to be  pleasantly surprised; and there were some components of this course that I felt resistant to and hesitant about which  have surprisingly opened me up to some incredible hidden treasures.

I’m in awe of the effects that the many different techniques of healing and counselling have had on so many of my volunteers and friends I’ve worked with and I look forward to continuing to utulise and strengthen these practices.

As  Holistic Counselling is very much about connectedness, I was initially hesitant to proceed with doing a home study course. 

However, working with my volunteers during assessments allowed me the true feel of holistic counselling in the most appropriate setting.  

It was perfect for me to work at my own pace and the monthly requirements kept me disciplined and consistent. 

The expansive content has enriched and deepened my self understanding and taught me so many beneficial life tools to share for healing with its proven benefits through my volunteer case studies.

My tutor was incredibly prompt, thorough and concise in answering all my questions and returning graded assessments.  

I fully endorse and recommend the Diploma in Holistic Counselling. 

The knowledge, growth and wisdom it has given me is infinite.

From my mind, heart and soul I thank you for the most incredible amount of time, creativity and energy you have put into these courses. 

I hope that it is and continues to be as enriching for you as it is for us.

Julia Jones, VIC
Yoga Teacher/Office Manager

A new career

Before I began this course, I knew I wanted to run my own business as a holistic healer, but I felt uncertain as to how to go about it.

This course covered such an impressive range of practical activities and really helped me to skill up, ready for a career. Not to mention the personal long term benefits reaped from going within and exploring an amazing compilation of natural therapies and healing processes.

The feedback was always insightful, constructive and positive.

I felt thoroughly understood and supported throughout the learning journey. My sincere thanks.

Adrian, VIC
Holistic Healer & Counsellor

Amazing depth

This course has depth and breadth. 

Each module offers the opportunity for personal growth and development; as well as providing invaluable tools and skills which enable you, as a counsellor, to help others heal and change their life.

Taleya, VIC

Thank You

Following my heart and intuition, I chose holistic counselling over a traditional counselling course.  

This particular course enabled me to work with clients in healing on all levels Рphysical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

It has been so enjoyable personally, and given me so much professionally Рthe obvious skills as a counsellor, but also tools to enhance my existing work. 

I have loved every part of this course. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.

Clare Evans, NSW
Reflexologist/Holistic Counsellor

Diploma Complementary Therapies

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Natural Energies College. Stephanie was a very kind and supportive tutor; helping in achieving your study goals.

I have learnt so many healing techniques to help heal myself and my clients.

I am definitely re-enroling for further courses and I would recommend to anyone.

Sivanart Marich
NSW Massage Therapist


I have enjoyed studying with Natural Energies College immensely.

I firstly enrolled in the Diploma in Holistic Counselling. I enjoyed it so much I decided to complete the extra modules for the Complementary Therapies diploma.

I find what I have learnt to be so practical and rewarding with my clients.

Rachel Lederman, VIC

Absolutely Loved it

I cannot explain in words how much I got out of studying the Diploma in Complementary Therapies with Natural Energies College.

I was almost too worried about sending out money online without being able to visit an actual college before signing up. My worries were put to rest completely as soon as I received my folder containing the course information and thumb drive.

My next hurdle came as soon as I sat at my laptop ready to begin. The initial tech hurdles were soon sorted out with prompt, easy to follow (even for myself – a non tech person) and I was on my way.

On my way to a new life.

I absolutely loved every minute of studying. It has been the most satisfying thing that I have ever done for myself in my life – ever.

I knew a little about most of what I was learning, but by the time of completing my course, I had a new found confidence regarding what I am now choosing to do as a career. A career spent working in a field that I am passionately dedicated to, with knowledge on how to move forward into this with a productive, well balanced manner.

I cannot thank the college supervisor and principal enough for providing the course content, the tech, help and guidance; and for being so supportive throughout the study phase as well as all the way through the exam phase.

Blessings to you all.

Lee Russell
NSW Holistic Therapist

Above and Beyond

When I first started this diploma course I had already worked in the health and wellbeing industry for a number of years and had reached a point where I needed to expand my horizons by further deepening my knowledge in certain areas of interest and in a valid professional manner.

The course has been totally enriching for me; from the first module to the fifth, each of them integrated smoothly and made complete sense in the way the subjects were delivered.

Each topic ensured my thirst for knowledge was constantly and appropriately supplemented and with it my enthusiasm grew more and more!

Before I started I felt uneasy with the fact that everything is via correspondence. I was wondering whether I may end up feeling isolated, cut off, unable to interact. However I must say that that Natural Energies College takes amazing care of everything and looks after their students way above and beyond the requirements.

Throughout the duration of the course I have felt unbelievably supported and guided, yet able to work and grow in my own journey.

In addition to the tutor’s assistance, there is also a Student Portal with the latest information pertinent to the Diploma and much more.

The private Facebook group also allows students to interact, especially for those enrolled in the same course.

Overall I found this course has been amazing and would highly recommend it.

Katya, VIC

So Grateful

This course has been amazing for my own self healing journey.

Some of the activities have been challenging and at the same time exciting; as I was healing and releasing in all that no longer served me.

I have been supported so gently, efficiently and professionally by my Natural Energies College tutor/supervisor which I am so grateful for.

I am excited to expand my business to incorporate Complementary Therapies; to provide myself with continued self healing; and to support my friends and family along their healing journeys also.

So much appreciation for this course. An invaluable asset in my world and I hold so much gratitude for all that I have learnt.

Many blessings xo

Fiona Greenlaw, NSW
Qigong Instructor & Reiki Practitioner

Highly Recommend

Having completed the Diploma in Complementary Therapies course, I had no idea how much impact the course content would have on me at such a personal level.

I feel I have grown so much from the activities that are incorporated into the course.

I look forward to putting into practice what I learn and helping other souls on their journeys

Highly recommend this course to everybody.

Sandra McLaren, VIC


I enjoyed the personal growth and also the course itself is invaluable.

Renee, QLD

Thoroughly enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed the complementary therapies course.

It gave me the opportunity to learn about myself and have the skills to help friends and family live the best life also.

The course showed me which part of metaphysics I was interested in to pursue a passionate career in.

I found the course challenging enough to be worthwhile, but not too difficult that I gave up.

If you need somewhere to begin in developing some healing skills – start here!

Karen Altenhof, VIC
Stay at home mum

Thank you!

I found the college quite by chance (I’m sure the Universe led me to it!) and I’m eternally grateful that I did!

I have found it to be an amazing journey of self discovery.

A journey into discovering holistic healing IS something that we all have the ability to embrace if we open ourselves to it and surrender to the amazing powers of the Universe and the Divine.

Extremely well thought out and put together with excellent teaching and guidance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Catherine, New Zealand


After completing a Diploma in Holistic Counselling online through a mainstream university, I was familiar with how online studies operate.

I must say that when I began studying this Diploma in Complementary Therapies I was unsure how it was going to be presented and what I was going to learn from it.

Each and every  module was engaging and challenging. 

The assessments took me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to work on areas in my life that required addressing.

When people say that some courses are life changing, this one certainly was for me. 

The skills and tools that I have adopted in my new practice have all been achieved due to the level of education found within the course content. 

Guidance was provided all the way through; and assessments were marked in the most efficient time frame. 

The amount of resources available was commendable.

Many thanks for the hard work and dedication that has gone into producing such a rewarding journey.

Joanne Williams, QLD
Energy Healer; Holistic Counsellor


I had never studied online before; was a little daunting; however the assistance was very impressive. 

The email communications never kept me waiting long; replies were always fast and helpful. 

I never just felt like a number whilst being a student at Natural Energies College.

I enjoyed my course very much; there were challenging times where I lost motivation; but as I learnt and began to understand concepts better I found my passion spark up again.

Many thanks to the NEC team; very grateful and excited. 

As a result my career opportunities can continue to be widened.

Miranda, VIC

Very Professional

I highly recommend this course if you are on a journey of self healing or wish to learn more to help others. 

It fully equips you with all the knowledge to help others and to open your own business in complementary therapies.

A very professional college and Stephanie was there to encourage, support and guide every step of the way.

Kylie Clarke, NSW
Nursing Assistant; Massage/Reiki Therapist

Most Enjoyable

This course is very interesting with a wide variety of topics and healing techniques. 

The most enjoyable learning experience I have ever had.

Debra, NSW


When I started the course in Complementary Therapies, I had no idea I was going on such a powerful journey of self discovery.

What I have learned along the way is absolutely priceless! Thank you

Brigitte, QLD

Life Changing

Thank you for this life changing experience!

Tammy, NSW

Absolutely Recommend

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has interest in this area.

The knowledge and skills I have gained through this course…amazing.

The content was thorough and well supported as well as the feedback and supervision very prompt and professional.

Alison Trice, NSW
Flight Attendant

10 out of 10!

I enjoyed this course and had a great experience! 

A 10 out of 10. 

Thanks so much!!

Hiromi Bonacci

Loved this course!

I absolutely loved this course! 

I found it so informative and detailed. 

It covered so many different areas which was fantastic! 

The tutor comments were always extremely helpful and assisted with my personal growth. I feel much more confident now as a healer than I ever was and I am so excited to state my future as a Complimentary Therapist!

Nicole Dodson, VIC
Office Manager

Truth and Faith

This course has positively changed my life and my relationships in so many wonderful ways. 

I am gratefully honoured to have been a student of Natural Energies College as it has opened up the ‘spiritual door’ for me, to a reality that is so true and honest to my being, my true self.¬†¬†

I thank you very much for that.

The activities opened up my awareness to all things metaphysical; and were done in a thorough and extremely enjoyable manner.

 I loved how the activities complemented the theory work and gave me an understanding of the bigger picture.

Sofia Devienne
Complementary Therapist and Holistic Beauty Therapist

An Awakening

I would encourage enrolling in this course for those that wish to learn how to heal themselves; as they would then create a domino effect of healing on those around them.  

The learning activities came in all shapes and sizes. Some were very enlightening; others confronting, and others were so opening of the heart. 

They were all rewarding.

I have had such an awakening by completing this course. 

I feel the life force is now flowing and I can move on and enjoy what life has to offer. 

Thank you.

Margaret, Vic


I found the theory to be very comprehensive and very well covered; easy to understand. 

The activities were very well planned with step by step instructions (when needed), which gave the student the confidence to perform the activity without supervision.

Initially I thought this course would heighten my spiritual growth. 

Instead it has set me on a journey of self discovery. 

It has supplied me with the tools and knowing to the age old question: “Why am I here?”

Roza O'Donnell, VIC
Holistic Healer

A Wonderful Experience

This has been a wonderful experience for me to complete the Diploma in Complementary Therapies.

I have done a tremendous amount of growing throughout this course which has allowed me to move along my spiritual path and start to live according to my true self.

I really enjoyed the activities in the course. It gave me a better understanding of the theory as well as enhancing my creative ability.

This course has enable me to open up to the huge possibilities of a career as a healer, providing a service to others to help them heal and grow.

Kim Churchill, VIC
Personal Aged Carer


The activities were perfect. 

I love being creative and this course has allowed and encouraged me to be more in touch and confident in my creative ability. 

I loved the course!

Carryn Jack

A Great Course

It was a great course. I learnt many wonderful things to help me succeed in my personal and professional life.  I would recommend this course to anyone.

Anna Brown

Finding Inner Peace

My journey from beginning the course to completion has been very empowering and enlightening. 

I have learnt and conquered many fears along the way. My outlook on life and experiences Рpainful and happy Рhave taken on a whole new light. 

Recognising lessons along the way and growing within; allowing an understanding of mistakes, pain etc., and looking at the bigger picture; removing judgement and replacing it with patience, forgiveness, compassion and love for you who enter my life. 

And lastly, finding true inner peace within myself that now radiates outwards.

Michelle Kauler
Nail Technician

Regained a Passion for Life

I was advised by a healer¬†after experiencing several bouts of ‘fogginess’ to nourish my neglected spiritual side.¬†

So I looked for the perfect opportunity to enable me to do this Рalready having a busy life with a husband, two kids and work. 

I saw the Natural Energies College ad and one month after enrolling, my ‘fogginess’ completely lifted.¬†

I am now grounded, clear, with a strong sense of purpose and a new confidence about me.

The theory covered in the course was surprisingly comprehensive and detailed. 

I really enjoyed this aspect of the course (being from a Bachelor of Science background). 

Learning so many topics is incredibly enlightening, exciting and beneficial to refer to later when working with clients. 

This is no ‘airy fairy’ course; it needs to be taken seriously as there’s a lot of information to¬†learn.

I loved the course. 

I have regained a passion for life and am excited about the future. 

Thank you so much!

Jean, VIC
Office Manager

Fun into Learning

I knew there was learning for me and I was driven to find the right course. 

Flicking through the pages of a magazine an advertisement for a course titled ‘Complementary Therapist’ grabbed my attention.

When I received my enrolment letter I was so excited.

I now have an abundance of information. The theory was easy to read and understand. 

The hands on activities put fun into learning. I really loved all of the course. 

The impact of the knowledge gained has made an immense change in my life.

Narelle Knowles, VIC
Complementary Therapist

For anyone who desires more

This course has take me on a wonderful spiritual journey of discovery. 

It’s for anyone who desires more from their life and themselves.¬†

It opens up the door of opportunity.

Heidi, VIC
Event Coordinator

Loved the Course!

I loved the course!  

The notes were fantastic, easy to follow and informative. A great variety of hands on activities and they were always interesting – I never lost interest. I am very excited to be taking the next step in my spiritual journey and this course has given me the tools and confidence to do that!!

Customer Service Rep

An honour and a joy

This course showed me the path I was meant to take. 

Guided with patience and wisdom, I was able to face my fear and stand up to embrace my destiny. 

Stephanie, you are a living example of what it means to realise your true calling. 

Thanks to you, I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

Learning from you has been an honour and joy.

Complementary Therapist

Discover my Soul

I began the course with the intention of helping people, but I also learnt to heal myself and discover my soul in the process. 

The theory was great; wonderfully collated and presented. 

The modalities covered were vast and complemented each other perfectly. 

I loved the hands on activities.


A Journey into Self

The diploma in Complementary Therapies is an amazing journey – a journey into mind, body and spirit; a journey into self; a journey to meet your soul. Whilst on this journey you are given an array of tools, activities and information to help you grow and understand the different aspects of self and life.

Working with crystals, colour therapy, chakras, auras, meditation, sacred energies and hands on healing….you cover so many areas of holistic healing. Truly amazing!

T.J Holistic
Practitioner/Spiritual Advisor

Mind, Body, Spirit

The diploma in Complementary Therapies has to be one of the best courses I have ever done. It helped me improve and to understand my  mind, body and spirit. 

I went into the course thinking I’m just a mum and everyone’s door mat. To my surprise it was revealed that I have many gifts and talents. There is work to be done in this course, but at the end of this journey, you won’t be disappointed. You will walk away with more than you could have hoped for.

Enjoy – I did!

Holistic Healer

Career Opportunities

This course is extensive. 

Not only does it give you a huge range of career opportunities, but it gives you all the tools to take control of your wellbeing and your life in all areas Рhealth, wealth, relationships, attitudes, lifestyle РI could go on forever. 

How then do you put a cost on that? 

I have paid twice as much for courses and only got one quarter of the value that this course give you. 

This is the best value for money expenditure I have had for many, many years.

Helen Carter
Managing Director

Thoroughly Recommend

This course has allowed me not only to pursue a career in helping others reach their potential, but has allowed me to gain further insight into myself; and given me the tools to take all areas of my life to higher levels.

I truly loved studying with Natural Energies College! 

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone, as it is beneficial to all.

Emine Huseyin
Jewellery Designer

Strong Foundation of Knowledge

This course was full of personal growth. 

Not only did it challenge and satisfy  me emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, it also gave me a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

The course was taught empathetically, openly and warmly. 

I will take the knowledge I learnt from this course with me wherever I go.

Fun and Exciting

The course was fun and exciting. 

At times challenging and confronting; but I  loved it. 

Not only did it enable me to heal, and to learn how to help others heal, it showed me the magic and power that resides within us all. 

The power to create what we truly desire, and to live it, everyday.

Pru Larkin
Complementary Therapist

Engaging and Transforming

The diploma in  Complementary Therapies has been one of the most engaging and transforming studies I have taken on. 

To align oneself with universal laws, and observe these laws occurring in your life, realising that you are at the steering wheel of all of your experiences has been a moment where I can clearly see the road in front; and now have the tools to continue my journey, actually steering my life experiences in the direction I aim to go.

Fitness, Professional/Dance Artist

Reach my Potential

Having now completed the diploma, I feel confident and competent to begin working with clients. 

Being a registered nurse I also feel passionate about working alongside mainstream medicine.

It has been a wonderful journey of self discovery which has challenged and inspired me to reach my potential. 

Stephanie has been a wonderful teacher and mentor who motivates, encourages and supports her students to believe in themselves.

Tracey Moroney
Registered Nurse

Learnt a lot

I have really¬† learnt a lot from this course and I believe anyone who will take it up after reading what it offers won’t be disappointed with all they eventually end up learning from the course.

Energy Healer

Beautifully Constructed

This is a truly amazing course. 

It is inspirational, enlightening and beautifully constructed. 

It not only teaches and assists you in helping others, but also in helping yourself.

The content of the course and the amazing support provided is exceptional and truly appreciated. 

I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone interested in holistic and complementary therapies. 

The support of the college is second to none.

Stephanie Fleeton, NSW
Holistic Healer, Counsellor and Astrologer


The course is life changing. 

It has helped me profoundly (with my health and wellbeing). 

Not to mention the wonderful feeling of satisfaction and purpose I get from helping others. 

This course has altered my outlook on life in so many ways. 

I feel I can now really move forward in life by working in a field which is truly worthwhile.

Overall the course was utterly brilliant! 

I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Fiona McCammon, VIC
Lotus Notes Specialist


Coming from a science background as a nurse, I found all the subject matters fascinating. 

The activities are all very effective in illustrating the point and there is an element of fun and excitement!

It keeps motivation high, and interest and intrigue always. 

This course has given me tools, techniques and skills I can bring into the lives of the oncology patients I look after. 

I see patients bring in crystals, mandalas, deities etc. to help them through their journey; and now I can fully understand and assist them in their complementary treatment.

In wanting to help heal them, I have healed myself. 

This course takes you on your own self journey to empowerment. 

For that, I am ever grateful.

Linda Gibson
Registered Nurse

Take Action

I loved everything about the course. 

Not only is it a new exciting career for me but a whole new holistic self. 

This course has really taught me how to take action in my life. 

I have done many different courses but this course has really shown me how to put it together and take action.

Holistic Healer

More Aware

Thank you Stephanie for opening my eyes so widely to an outstanding universe. 

Everyone should do this course and become a better person ‚Äď more aware of themselves and their potential.¬†

Much love and many thanks. 

You have truly touched my heart.

Lea Rebelo

Diploma Spirtual Counselling

Incredibly Insightful

This course is absolutely amazing at showing parts of myself that not ever have I, or any of my clinical therapists,¬† psychologists etc been able to enlighten me on ‚Äď not even a third of what this teaching has.

Not only is it unbelievably incredibly insightful, its structured in a way that completely supports you every step of the way.

I cannot talk highly enough on how remarkably wonderfully put together and presented this course is.

I was rather anxious as its been a very long time since I’ve studied, and I’m not a tech person at all. All my pre jitter flights were looked after with the work schedule already done for you. All that’s left to do is follow!

Ever grateful NEC.

Candice Pickett


What a journey the past year and a half has been!

The Diploma Spiritual Counselling course has sparked so much reflection and personal growth that I don’t know where to begin.

When I think back to where I was/how I felt when I embarked on this journey and who I am/how I feel today, there is simply no comparison.

I am without a doubt wiser, happier and more accepting of myself and others.

All I can say to those thinking about doing this course is ‘do it, you will not regret it’.

So much gratitude. Thank you!

Karen NSW


The learning and growth I gained through doing this course has been massive.

It has given me some wonderful tools, not only for myself but for use during my treatments with clients.

A great extension to the Holistic Counselling course.

Roslyn Douglas, WA
Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Counsellor

Highly Recommend

Worth every  minute studying the Diploma in Spiritual Counselling.

Not only have I learned bout myself but I am able to help people on their spiritual journey too. 

Highly recommend. 

Sivanart Marich
Massage/Myotherapist, Healer & Counsellor

More to Come

The Diploma Spiritual Counselling is a newly released course.

The first intake of students will graduate in late 2021 to mid 2022. Further testimonials will be added as students graduate. 


Certificate Crystal Healing


I am so grateful that I decided to complete my course in Crystal Healing with Natural Energies College.

I have loved how the course is set out and that I could work through it at my own pace.

My confidence as a healer and passion for helping others has grown so much throughout the duration of my studies.

I have really enjoyed everything I have learnt and I am so excited moving forward with the tools and knowledge I have gained.

Lauren, QLD


I found the course was well structured and full of interesting knowledge.

I enjoyed every aspect of it!

Chantal Morchio, WA


I have recently completed the certificates in Holistic Counselling and Crystal Healing.

Wow, what a journey it has been. It has assisted me in becoming aware of my true self and to heal aspects of self that I didn’t even realise previously required healing.

with the knowledge and insights gained, I now feel equipped to continue my journey of self healing and to assist others on theirs.

The course content, learning activities and tutorial assistance were fantastic; allowances to be able to learn and heal at my own pace made the process beautiful.

Would highly recommend to anyone.

Jasmyn, QLD


I have thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and the support given at each stage of the learning process.

It has been an inspirational journey which will have, no doubt, life long benefits – not just for myself but for those I heal.

Susan, QLD

Hands on Experience

The course curriculum and student support was excellent.

My experience studying through Natural Energies College has been wonderful. I feel that I have all the knowledge and hands on experience I need to start my business.

Thank you.

Nicole, SA

Highly Recommend

I thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate in Crystal Healing. I have grown enormously as a healer by completing this course.

I highly recommend undertaking any of the courses offered by Natural Energies College.

Yvette Penny, VIC
Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer


I was a stay at home mother who was struggling to find her ‘true purpose’ outside of caring for my children. I’ve ALWAYS loved and been drawn to crystals, so to find a course which enabled me to combine my two passions (crystals and helping people) has been nothing short of amazing.

I never liked school, nor did I do well at school. However this course made me excited to be studying again. It catered so well to my needs. It’s flexibility and online correspondence made it ideal for my busy lifestyle.

Highlights would definitely be: learning how to better work with crystals for optimum results; learning how the crystals are the tools and we are simply the facilitators; but one of my biggest highlights would definitely have to be working under the guidance of principal and head tutor Stephanie Egan. Her genuine feedback, insights, guidance and encouragement MADE this course what it is.

I’m grateful that I learnt and grew under her supervision for 12 months as opposed to gaining credentials via a weekend crystal healing course.

Ashleigh O'Leary, NSW
Stay at home mother

Video Clips

I really appreciated the short video clips embedded in the manual. Very helpful for my learning style.

Pauline, VIC


I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the Crystal Healing course with Natural Energies College.

The course structure, modules and the course materials were exceptionally well presented, which assisted me greatly in my studies.

This course helped me to rediscover my love of crystals as well as discovering my spiritual connections.

I have developed a stronger understanding of their healing properties which will be most beneficial in helping others.

I am looking forward to my new journey as a Crystal Healing practitioner.

Robyn Elkasovic, VIC

Must Do

This course was an eye opener for me. A must do for those who want to enhance their understanding of crystals and how to use them. 

Mira Healy, QLD
Accountant & Online Crystal Store Owner


I’ve enjoyed the Crystal healing course as it has re-awoken my passion for crystals as well as help me reconnect with my spiritual side.¬†

It has been very enlightening to work on my volunteers and have wonderful results; and very gratifying to know that I have helped them.

Skye Coston, NSW


I gained so much more from the Certificate in Crystal Healing than I expected. 

I now feel a deeper connection and understanding of my crystals. I have learnt some invaluable techniques to use during my treatments to assist in taking clients to their goal. 

I have been a Reiki Master for 18 years and found that from doing this course my Reiki treatments have become enhanced and my connection to the spirit world has strengthened.

Stephanie has been a supportive mentor throughout the course and has always provided knowledgeable insight.

Nina Taylor, NSW
Reiki Master, Western Herbalist


A fantastic course. I loved the energy and healing power of crystals. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in crystals. 

Thank you for your guidance and encouragement throughout.

Lisa Clark, NSW
Resource Manager


I would recommend this crystal course and Natural Energies College to anyone who is interested in become a Crystal healing practitioner.

The subject content and support was amazing.

Anna Balliro, VIC
Aged Care Worker

Valuable teachings

The Certificate in Crystal Healing was an in-depth and valuable course of study that I highly recommend.

After a couple of years of interest in crystals and their healing properties, I decided to learn more about them so I could utilise the skill set on family and friends. Perhaps in the future I will also be able to commercialise this skill set and use it to open up my own healing practice.

Many of the other courses I had researched only offered 1 day workshops, which didn’t seem adequate to me.¬†

After a year of study I can safely say that I feel well equipped to help others on their healing  journey. 

Special mention also goes out to Stephanie – the head principal of NEC for her ongoing support and valuable teachings.

Catherine, VIC

Easy to follow

The Crystal Healing course guides you to become more aware of your intuitive gifts and use them for healing and balancing. 

The course is easy to follow and can easily be completed at home. 

It encourages you thorough lots of activities to begin using your knowledge right from the beginning so it feels gratifying to be useful so early on. 

The crystal healing course is broadly written so you can learn from it if you are a beginner or a practiced.

Frankie Farrugia, VIC
Dance/Movement Therapist

Highly Recommend

I found the Certificate in Crystal Healing course to be very informative, yet easy enough for a beginner to understand. 

I enjoyed the course so¬† much I’m contemplating doing another course with the college at a later stage.¬†

The college was very professional and would always answer any of my questions and queries in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend this course.

Thank you so much for this wonderful learning experience.

Mary, VIC

Best decision

I highly recommend the Certificate in Crystal Healing.

Not only have I expanded as a healer, I have gained tools for life for myself and my family.

Best decision I have been guided to make.

Robyn, QLD

Great course

Enlightening, informative and educational. 

A great course for anyone wanting to begin their journey into energetic healing.

Janelle, VIC


Wonderful course. 

I learnt so many new things and I look forward to incorporating them into  my business.

Suzanne Camm, VIC
Complementary Therapist


This has been a very gratifying experience and the college have been so helpful and responsive. At my age, I thought it would be difficult to achieve. 

I have helped others and myself and cannot wait to now choose another course. Thank you so much NEC!

Yvette Hackney, TAS
Retired (Sales Executive)

Great foundation

(Certificates in Crystal Healing & Metaphysical Studies)

This is a great way of extending your knowledge and skills in crystals and metaphysical studies. 

You are exposed to a wide array of modalities within the field; and this forms a great foundation to build on your own expertise Рwhether you are starting out or have been practising for a while. 

You can work at your own pace and have access to a lot of resources.


Well Structured

I really enjoyed the course. 

It was interesting and thought provoking and the course material was well written.

I found everything that I learnt came together when undertaking the case study practical exam. 

Thank you for offering this well structured, motivating and challenging course.

Rebecca Macqueen
Retail Sales/Energy Healing Practitioner



This was a fantastic course which enabled me to learn so much; and the opportunity to work on myself as well as others.

Melissa, VIC
Service Manager


This course has been an amazing experience for me. 

It has taught me so much more than I anticipated learning. 

I have truly enjoyed the experience.

Genine, VIC

New Skills

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and learning all the new skills to help my clients. 

Thank you for all your assistance. 

I have now officially changed careers to become a Reiki/Crystal Healer and  have started a business from home.

Trudy, SA


I really enjoyed the crystal healing certificate and learned a lot about which crystals to use for different issues.

I loved crystals prior, but this course has made me love them more and know how powerful they are Р not to mention beautiful to look at. 

Julie Mansell, VIC


After changing my career path to become a Reiki and Pellowah practitioner/teacher, I found that my life long attraction to crystals increased as I explored the metaphysical world more deeply. I undertook this course to learn more about crystals and the experience has been wonderful and inspirational.

Not only have I learnt so much more about crystals, but I have learned more about myself and others as a result of the rich and insightful learning materials and activities.

The course is well designed and structured and encouraged me to explore new things, to work independently and enabled me to incorporate these skills into my existing healing practice.

Ii have gained knowledge, confidence and new ways of connecting to myself and others through crystals.

Andrea Morris, VIC
Palliative Care Volunteer / Reiki & Pellowah Practitioner/Teacher


Doing the crystal course has not only taught me how to work with crystals to heal; it has also taught me to trust my instincts and gut feelings. 

Although challenging at times, it has taught me so much more than what I could have ever anticipated.

Laura, VIC
Holistic Therapist


I am blessed to have found this school and complete the Certificate in Crystal Healing. It has enhanced my healing sessions and my life all round. The course provided me with an abundance of practical knowledge to use as a professional healer. 

With gratitude and blessings, 

Madeleine, NSW
Angelic Reiki Master/Practitioner


The certificate in Crystal Healing was wonderful, as it allowed me to travel along at my own pace.

The course content was thorough and explained in a practical way. 

The module assessments allowed time and space for the course content to be practically applied for professional growth. 

I found this course to be very rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Natalie, QLD


I found the Crystal Healing course very enjoyable and enlightening.

I am now able to incorporate the skills i have learnt into my other energy healing modality for the overall benefit of my clients.

Janine Haidinger, South Africa

Personal Growth

I enjoyed this course immensely, for both the educational value and the personal growth – thank you.

Leanne, NSW

Thoroughly Recommend

I would thoroughly recommend the Crystal Healing Certificate. 

It was a very enjoyable course to do. 

Thank you for your tutorial assistance.

Jo-ann, NSW


The course was fantastic! 

It was easy to understand and great for anyone wishing to use their skills in a professional setting. 

This course helped my confidence in areas of healing I already knew and introduced new aspects that were interesting and valuable to learn.

Having done this course has enabled me to incorporate what I love into my healing practice and business.

Tara, SA
Healer, Medium & Business Owner

Amazing Course

Thank you Natural Energies College for putting together this amazing Crystal Healing course. 

I have spiritually grown and I feel I am a better person due to this course. 

Every week brought something new. I have learnt to trust my intuition and am now comfortable trusting my gut instinct.

I would highly recommend this course. It is an easy to follow program.

My family have all benefited; there is a new energy around our home and it’s wonderful.

I feel grateful, happy and blessed. Thank you so much x

Sharon Rook, VIC
Retail Assistant

Thank you so much

I have always been interested in doing a crystal healing course; but over here in WA there’s nowhere offering a certified course. They are all weekend courses and I wanted more than that.¬†

This is when I found Natural Energies College.

I expected to do the course and that would be it, but it gave me so much more than that. 

The course helped me to heal; it helped me face my own fears and issues. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today, mentally and emotionally, If I hadn’t done this course.

Thank you so much for helping me to turn my life around.

Kristie Oliver, WA
Reiki Practitioner

Happy to Recommend

(Completed Cert. Crystal Healing & Colour Therapy)

I am happy to recommend both courses. They have an excellent blend of theory and activities.The manuals were comprehensive and a useful guide for practice. 

The case study exam provided me with an opportunity to practise new skills and be provided with consistent feedback from the client and my supervisor.

Elizabeth Teesdale-Smith, SA
Trauma Therapist

I loved it

I really enjoyed the course. It took me a while to understand what I needed to complete. Once I started I loved it.  It has helped me to make so  many connections with people. Most importantly, it has helped me with my own healing. 

I have enjoyed working with my crystals and now value their healing qualities even  more. The course offered some great activities which I have been able to share with my clients and also empower them to use in their own healing.

I would love to do more courses such as Colour Therapy and Counselling with Natural Energies College. Thank you for your support Stephanie.

Anna Chiera, VIC
Assistant Director - Childcare

Tutorial Assistance Excellent

I can highly recommend this course to anyone interested in crystals and metaphysical studies. 

The course content was engaging and the activities interesting and fun.

The tutorial assistance was excellent. 

I feel like I grew personally through this course ūüôā¬†

Thank you!

Rachael Peterson, VIC

Sense of Peace and Calmness

I started the Crystal Healing certificate course as a personal journey for myself as I had always felt a connection with crystals – however this course became so much more.

My  mother was diagnosed with cancer not long after I started this course. 

The healing I gave my mother from material learnt within the course was very powerful for her and gave her a sense of peace after healing sessions; which I am so grateful for!!

I am also a foster carer of 3 children and the information I have learnt throughout this course has also helped bring a sense of peace and calmness to the 3 children.

Thank you for providing such an interesting and informative course!!

Leeanne Williams, NSW

Just Amazing!

Just amazing! 

I am continuing with another course with this College. Fabulous!


Prompt Marking

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. 

Lots of different activities. 

Very good support from staff. Any questions answered promptly. 

Very good feedback given and prompt marking with all the assessment activities. 

Tracey, VIC


I found the certificate in Crystal Healing to be professionally presented, comprehensive and valuable. 

I especially liked the videos within the manuals as they were useful to watch to ensure I had understood the notes. 

I also liked how there were detailed steps and then a summary page for the different techniques so I could follow along while working with a client. 

My copy of the Crystal Healing Reference Guide  that came with my course, is well worn and will no doubt continue to be a great reference in my healing sessions in the future.

Staff were very professional and assignments graded and returned promptly. 

The activities within the modules gave me ample opportunities to practise the techniques and I believe the course has well prepared me for working in the field. I feel confident to do so. 

Julie, NSW
Administrative Officer

Absolute Delight

I enrolled in both the Certificate in Colour Therapy and Certificate in Crystal Healing and found them to be an absolute delight to study. 

I now feel excited about how both modalities can be used in our daily practices to enhance happiness, wellbeing & health. 

The activities are sometimes challenging and all rewarding. 

The support and guidance throughout the course was excellent. 

The healings are subtle, yet profound. 

Learning from Natural Energies College was a fabulous experience.

Zoe Yelds, NSW
Resource & Education Director

Wonderful Experience

I am a mature aged student and can thoroughly recommend the Crystal Healing course for those wanting to experience the benefits of healing with crystals. 

I have known for many years that crystals can be used for healing, but I was not able to get the most benefit from using them until I started this course.

I found the course structure easy to understand, with detailed information that allowed me to experience much more than I had expected. 

During the course I have achieved positive results with my volunteers thanks to the information and learning tools provided. 

I am now confident to practice crystal healing in the future. 

I would like to thank Natural Energies College for my wonderful experience.

Kathleen Corocher, NSW

Thoroughly enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience during the crystal healing certificate. 

I just love crystals and helping people and I felt that this course allowed me to explore both at the same time. 

The skills I have gained have opened up a new world for me and have touched the lives of everyone around me.

Thank you Natural Energies College for assisting me to take the first step in my new life path as a crystal energy healiner.

Svetlana, NSW


I enjoyed every bit of this crystal healing course. 

I recommend it to anyone that loves to help people and wants to make changes in their own life and that of others. 

It was amazing learning about healing and working with the crystals.

My tutor was such a huge help to me; she opened my eyes to a better life. Thank you.

Katrina Jackson, QLD
Crystal Healer

I feel truly blessed....

This course has been a wonderful journey for me on so many levels. 

I have grown emotionally, mentally and spiritually and I feel truly blessed having partaken in this course. 

I have been able to release so many blockages in my live and other’s lives and I have developed trust and faith in the flow of universal life force and its healing.

Working with crystals has been amazing and they have bought so much joy and peace into my life. 

I highly recommend this course to anybody. 

Stephanie is a wonderful guide and tutor.

Julie Robinson, VIC

No better way to learn

There is no better way to learn than the  hands on activities in this course. 

I learnt many new crystal healing techniques in the Certificate in Crystal Healing and they will benefit and enhance the other healing modalities that I use in my work.

Julie Driscoll
Holistic Counsellor

Self Awareness

I found the course to not only increase my knowledge about crystals and their healing abilities; but enhancing my own self awareness too.

I really enjoyed doing the case studies as it gave me confidence in putting into practise what I had learnt.

Sandra Pec, VIC

Thoroughly Enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Crystal Healing course. 

I found it very informative, interesting and I will definitely use what I have learnt in the course in my future holistic work.

The method of teaching was clear and precise. 

I would highly recommend this crystal healing course to anyone who was looking for a career in alternative healing therapies.



Thank you for your excellent teaching approach; it will be with me for life.

Extremely Interesting

The Crystal Healing course was extremely interesting and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Database Manager/Tarot Reader


Initially I felt daunted by the though of learning about crystal healing; but the college’s encouragement and friendly teaching methods have inspired me to continue learning and being amazed by crystals and my own abilities.

Susan, VIC


The whole experience of doing the crystal course was wonderful. 

The growth and healing I got from it was invaluable. 

I feel more peaceful, aware and fulfilled. 

It has motivated me to move forth along a spiritual and energy healing path confidently.

Sharleen Andrysik
Retail Manager

So Powerful

I decided to do the Crystal Healing certificate to learn about crystals so that when customers came into my shop, I could help them. What I found was another world; an energy so powerful.

Ann, VIC
Shop Owner

Wonderful Experience

I would recommend this course to anyone who is drawn to working with crystals. I was drawn to the course because I wanted more knowledge and understanding of crystals. I didn’t expect to enjoy the course healing aspect¬†as much as I did.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Healing Facilitator

Professionally Presented

I would be happy to recommend the Certificate in Crystal Healing to anyone who has a real interest in the subject and wants to further their knowledge. 

I found it to be comprehensive, interesting, fun, challenging and very professionally presented.

Sue, VIC

Healing Power

I always liked crystals and had read a few books about crystal healing; but after starting this crystal healing certificate I realised that all the previous books I read were ‘kindergarten level’ compared to all the information I¬†learned from the college manuals.

I really enjoyed this entire course; it completely changed my life. 

Thank you.

Yvonne Kapczuk, NSW
Book Keeper/Reiki Practitioner


I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course.

The support from the tutor was beneficial in  understanding and applying the course content.

I look forward to continuing my study with the college in the future.

Tallulah, QLD
Clinic Manager


I found the course to be uncomplicated, informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

Being able to incorporate crystals adds as amazing dimension to my energy work.

The support and feedback I received from my tutor was always empowering and encouraging.

Jayne, VIC

Perfectly Organised

The crystal healing course is fun, interesting and jam packed with heaps of useful and interesting info. The hands on approach makes the material easily applicable in the real world. I think you do a fantastic job of teaching ‚Äď the course is perfectly organised and very professional.

Bayden Slater
Natural Healing Practitioner

Personal Growth

I would recommend this course to anyone that would like personal growth. 

My eyes have been opened to another way of seeing the world. It has been a fantastic experience.  

Thank you!

Sue, ACT

Great Course

I enjoyed every bit of the course; I loved the activities. 

Very detailed, informative and comprehensive.  Easy manuals to follow. 

I learnt so much and was very pleased with the content.

Good feedback from the tutor to assist me in progressing through my studies.

 I recommend the course to anyone that loves to help people and wants to make changes in their own lives and others. It has opened my eyes to a better life. 

Thank you.

Trish, QLD

Greater Awareness

This course has developed me as an individual and as a healer in so many ways. 

I have a greater awareness of myself, my abilities & my inner voice – and most importantly, I have learned to trust myself throughout this wonderful process.

As a healer, I am better qualified and equipped to offer people more methods & variety in their healing process so that they can find the most fitting path to themselves.

I have enjoyed, if not relished this course…..¬†

Thank you Stephanie for this amazing opportunity and process.

Geraldine Heffernan


I found the course to be very insightful. There was a lot of information and very well put together.

It was empowering, interesting and I loved doing all the assessments and case studies. 

Very enjoyable.

Cherie, VIC


This course was so beautiful. 

When I began it I was a little lost so I chose to do a course for enjoyment and something to focus on. I  found it opened me up to a whole new way of life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it for anyone that is considering studying crystal healing. 

I found it perfect for me to study around my working hours and do it in my own time.

The course material and practical activities were wonderful and covered everything I needed to  learn.

Danell, VIC
Customer Service/ Duty Manager

New Direction

Coming from a nursing background and delving into the metaphysical world, I found this course to be truly inspirational. 

It has allowed me to find new direction in my life whilst helping me to put my fears of uncertainty to rest. 

Working with crystals is truly amazing.

Emily Kisvarda
Registered Nurse

Certificate Holistic Counselling

Easy to Follow

Everything about this course was wonderful.

Easy to follow and understand with lots of different levels of support when needed.

I would see myself doing more courses through Natural Energies College.

Lisa Ross, WA

Life Changing

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn such life changing and valuable content.

I’ve already enrolled in another course with this college, it was that great!

Don’t hesitate to enrol if you have been thinking about it. Take this as your sign.

Bethany Kotzur, QLD

Highly Recommend

For anyone wanting the tools not only to facilitate others on their healing journey, but helping themselves as well, I’d highly recommend this course.

I was nervous to do an online course, as school wasn’t my strong point, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stay motivated. I blew myself away!

It was easy to stay on track and the course work was super interesting I found myself often working ahead of the time recommend.

I feel very confident to now go out into the world and share the information I’ve learnt, and hold space for others to heal.

I have a greater insight into myself, and for that gift alone I’m so grateful for Natural Energies!

10/10 would recommend to absolutely everyone!

Jennifer Tayler VIC
Holistic Healer


This course has been incredible.

I have learnt so much for my clients as well as for myself.

What a journey!

Demmi Cannon, VIC

Exceeded Expectations

Distance learning, although convenient and financially favourable, is not my preferred learning style and so I was somewhat apprehensive about how the course would go. I am someone who loves to ask questions, to listen and learn in environments where you can ask questions in the moment and bounce off the other participants input…

However the support received far exceeded my expectations, supporting me through what has been one of the most unusual and challenging years (2020) for all of us. The college provided helpful, insightful and encouraging responses in a timely manner which were highly valued and appreciated. The built in exams and mini tests really help to solidify the knowledge and some of the additional resources on the student portal are very helpful.

The course also allowed plenty of flexibility so that I could tailor it around ever changing needs and complete it within realistic timescales.

Samantha Hull

Beautiful Certificate

Thank you Stephanie for a beautiful certificate that enabled me to learn and grow in a holistic way.

I have move confidence in helping others now, thanks to your tools for success!

Marissa Reid, QLD
Women's Circle facilitator & Energy Healer

Forever grateful

I started this course when I was in a very dark place due to a traumatic event that happened to me.

I know this course came to me to help me heal and work through one of the hardest years of my life. It made me heal some experiences that I never thought could be healed.

Starting this course, I was fragile and now I am strong and confident. I’m very proud of how far I have come along.

Thank you Stephanie for guiding me along the way.

I’m forever grateful.

Alanna, SA

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to nurture the holistic connection between their body, mind, heart and spirit.

As a long-time professional working with the child protection and community sector, the holistic knowledge and strategies I have learned through this course has had an enormously positive impact upon my life.

I am now starting my own business supporting holistic health, alongside my Reiki Master/Teacher qualification, where these holistic strategies will bolster my existing mainstream skills.

Such a great course with flexible ‘at your own’ pace and structure.

Thank you.

Louisa Sutton, QLD
Community Sector Consultant & Reiki Master/Teacher


I have been looking for a responsible course to combine my healing with counselling capabilities; and I found the perfect one at Natural Energies College.

Kerrie Baldock
Reflexologist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

More confident

I just want to say that after completing this course; not only did I learn new knowledge but I’ve also learned and discovered new things about myself which have enhance my self awareness.

I now feel more confident and offer guided meditations in my workplace for people who would like to relax and de-stress.

I would be very happy to recommend this course.

Samantha Jovceski, NSW

True Blessing

I considered a ‘mainstream’ counselling course, however I recognised non offered what was true to me. After nearly giving up, I found Natural Energies College holistic approach in counselling and found it provided exactly what I sought.¬†

Studying in my own chosen environment and at my pace has been a true blessing. The online support from my tutor has been terrific, especially times when I questioned my ability or was unsure from outcomes.

Practising with volunteers has enhanced my ‘tool kit’ and boosted my confidence to guide and support my clients through their own healing journey – connecting the mind, body and soul.

I am truly grateful to the college, and also myself for accepting and completing this course that I can now go on and share with others. 

Penelope Simpson, VIC
Reiki practitioner, master & teacher


I have recently completed the certificates in Holistic Counselling and Crystal Healing.

Wow, what a journey it has been. It has assisted me in becoming aware of my true self and to heal aspects of self that I didn’t even realise previously required healing.¬†

with the knowledge and insights gained, I now feel equipped to continue my journey of self healing and to assist others on theirs. 

The course content, learning activities and tutorial assistance were fantastic; allowances to be able to learn and heal at my own pace made the process beautiful.

Would highly recommend to anyone. 

Jasmyn, QLD

Well designed course

The certificate in Holistic Counselling is a considered, well designed course which takes the student seamlessly from one study area to the next. 

the assessments are varied and all offer the opportunity to learn about oneself. In turn, this  helps the student to be a more thorough and thoughtful practitioner as one has experienced the assessments and outcomes.

I appreciate the way the course moves through a range of areas such as the aura, a range of meditations, and practical exercises. There are ample opportunities to work with volunteers and get feedback on the activities. 

One is given a vast toolkit to work with through this excellent course.

It is a perfect complement to the Certificate in Metaphysical Studies which I completed at an earlier time.

I highly recommend this course and Natural Energies College. Stephanie Egan is an outstanding tutor. 

Jane Siddal, WA
Reiki Master, Metaphysical Healer

Highly Recommend

This course helped me grow as a person.

It did not only give me the tools to help others, but it also helped heal me via the practical activities.

It helped me understand how everything works as one – mentally, spiritually, physically.

We have the tools available to change our path in life as long as we approach it with an open mind. 

I highly recommend this course as it is not only rewarding for self but for others as well. 

Stephanie Barone, VIC

Exceeded Expectations

I picked everything up from the post office yesterday and was super excited to start. 

I have to say your course is amazing! I’ve done many online courses and I’m always unsure when signing up and paying in full how they will be.

Your course has exceeded all expectations. Thank you!

Jessica Crichton, VIC


I enjoyed this course and have recommended it to other healers I know.

Angela, VIC

Spiritual Compassion

I have developed a new understanding of human behaviour, personalities and spiritual compassion.

I now have the ability to recognise triggers that cause anxiety; and I am able to put into place mindfulness strategies to alleviate my anxiety.

Thank you Stephanie for your insight, your knowledge and most of all your guidance through my journey. 

Dianne Lemke, SA
Preschool Teacher

Incredible results

This course was a journey into a greater awareness; and well designed to delve into the process at a personal pace.

I found the information and activities were truly helpful to assist in the identification and healing of one’s soul; which has helped to build a solid foundation in holistic health.¬†

The assistance, guidance and supervision given was excellent throughout and any queries were always responded to quickly.

Through this course I have witnessed both personally and otherwise, incredible results in growth and insight on all levels; and I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills this course has gifted.

Thank you and well done for providing a wonderful course. 

Your content and commitment to a healthier way of being is simply outstanding. 

Jasmine, SA
Holistic Healer / Photographer


I was very hesitant to study via correspondence in fear that I would not have enough support along the way. 

That was definitely not the case. I was 100% supported every step of the way.

Priscilla Godbold, NSW

Great Course

Great course to have participated in. 

So helpful towards working with clients and even great for those on a personal journey.

Tara Schmidt, SA
Complementary, Alternative & Spiritual Therapist


The course fuelled my passion in Holistic Counselling. 

I received constant help as soon as needed via quick response from email; and all information and teachings were broad and informative.

Kind teachers and very professional. 

Correspondence worked so well for me as sometimes I work away.

Leana, QLD

Very flexible

This course gave me a great introduction and theory to holistic counselling. 

Not only do the activities teach you tools to help others, but the activities each week were also helpful in self development and gaining awareness about yourself.

The course was very flexible, as it was done online and ave me time to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Support was always there if I needed it.

Sonia Kumar, VIC

Life Support

I first decided to complete my certificate in Holistic Counselling in order to learn how to conduct a session with a client to help support my Reiki practice. 

Little did I know this course would become a ‘life support’ as I dealt with some life challenges.

My level of personal growth has increased by completing this course. 

I would  highly recommend to those seeking to become a better version of themselves!

Stephanie, VIC
Reiki Practitioner


This course has changed the way I live. 

Earlier, all the metaphysical concepts were very theoretical to me. 

But after doing the activities in the course, I gained a natural practical way of healing oneself. 

Doing the case study with a client has helped gain immense confidence in myself. 

I really appreciate Stephanie for her guidance and work. 

Thank you! You are wonderful!

Srilaxmi Tirunagari, VIC
Holistic Wellness Coach & Editor (Meditation Magic Breath Universe)


I loved doing the Holistic Counselling course. I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home; around my family, work and sporting responsibilities.

The support was there if I needed it; questions answered quickly.

Not only do you learn so much from the course; it also helps you learn so much about yourself.

Ann Gallagher, VIC


I found this course to be very thorough and the content always interesting. 

I felt I learnt a lot about myself than I originally expected; and my personal growth was phenomenal. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to gain additional professional knowledge or wanting help with their own personal growth.

Julie, QLD
Admin Manager

Best Choice

Doing the Certificate in Holistic Counselling has been one of the best choices I have ever made. 

It has taught me so much about healing myself and healing others; and has given me so many tools and skills that I will continue to use throughout my life. 

I am so grateful for all that I have gained from doing this course.

Natalie, NSW

Clear Insight

There is a surprising amount of content in this course. 

The information and activities are practical and bring clear insight to those who work through them. 

I have learnt a lot about myself and have new skills that I will always use and appreciate.

Michelle Davis, NSW
Childcare Teacher

Very Happy

I am very happy with the course and I would recommend it to anyone. 

The content was well researched, the activities were interesting and educational, and there was always help available from the college staff if necessary.

I really feel that I can go forward in my chosen occupation having completed this course.

Monika, VIC

Very Pleased

Before commencing this course I read a piece of testimonial saying ‘everyone should do this course’ and now I agree.

I’m very pleased with how I have grown within myself.¬†

Thank you.

Rosemarie Mills, New Zealand


This course provided so much more than I had imagined. 

Not only did I learn some valuable counselling skills, I was able to work through some of my own issues that had been holding me back. 

I had not expected that.

I highly recommend this course to anyone, for both personal and professional growth.

Helen, VIC


I felt drawn to this course due to the curriculum and the fact that it was by correspondence which allowed me to manage my own time. Once I commenced the course, every activity I did seemed to be aligned to what was happening in my life. It was remarkable. 

The Holistic Counselling course also helped me on my own journey of self discovery, self love, self acceptance and self growth. I had been doing intuitive healing for a year before this course and the content of this course has helped to understand the multiple facets of a human being. 

I highly recommend this course to all those sensitive folks out there who naturally seem to attune to feelings of the environment and others.

Andre Macky, VIC
IT Consultant / Musician / Energy Healer


I found the course insightful and enjoyable and would recommend to others as a starting point for Holistic Counselling.

Kerri, VIC

I would recommend

I found the course material very informative. I personally felt that I got involved with the activities and managed to resolve my own issues along the way.

I would recommend to anyone, for personal or professional reasons to participate in this course as it is a superb learning curb; which will allow  you to delve deep into your own personal mind, heart, body and spirit. All in all, a very  healthy experience.

Anna, QLD


An amazing transformational course. 

A beautiful guidance to peeling off layers of conditioning to reach the core of who we really are.  

This course holds a strong and compassionate space for you to grow and let go.

Kristy, WA


I found the Certificate in Holistic Counselling to be relevant to my  needs as a Wellbeing Coach. the content is practical, interesting and inspirational (on a personal level too).

My tutor was always willing to assist and patient with questions. 

She explained things thoroughly and communicated in a professional yet friendly way.

I would thoroughly recommend the course and the College to prospective students.

Olivia Trussell, SA
Wellbeing Coach

Truly Beautiful

The certificate in Holistic Counselling was amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in either travelling down the path of a counselling career or for someone who would like to evolve and discover on a personal note. 

The course allowed me to more fully understand myself, and others, on all levels from mind, body, spirit and emotion; and how we can all find a balance between them in our everyday lives, no matter what obstacles we might face.

It has brought me peace and compassion in my personal life and being able to assist others in finding that balance too, was a truly beautiful journey!

Alison, VIC
Restaurant Manager


The certificate in Holistic Counselling is much more than a course; it’s a journey.¬†

I not only learnt so much about the counselling process and the role that energy and spirituality play in a person’s healing; but I also learnt an enormous amount about myself.¬†

My life has changed for the better in so many ways.

All of the information presented was easy to understand. 

The activities were thoroughly enjoyable and the supervision process was broken down and set up in a way that I felt supported and comfortable with something that was quite new to me.

Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, this course is invaluable.¬†

Meagan Wittchen, SA
Registered Nurse

Truly Inspirational

A truly inspirational course to set you on your path of personal healing and giving you the knowledge and tools to in turn help and empower others on their own healing journey.

Tara, WA
Reiki Practitioner

High Quality

With great enjoyment I studied and completed the Certificate in Holistic Counselling. 

I found the material offered of high quality and easy to comprehend. 

I always looked forward to my tutor’s constructive and uplifting feedback.¬†

It gave me a clear indication of where my strengths were and where I could improve.

My sincere gratitude for the guidance and for offering a course of such high quality. 

When I decide to pick up further studies I will without hesitation study through your college again.

Leonie Servaas, NZ
Kindergarten Teacher and Holistic Healer

Life Changing

This course took me on a life changing journey. 

I have not only learnt new skills, but I have also healed myself along the way. 

The course was easy to follow and the activities increased  my skills and most of all my confidence. 

All the volunteers who assisted me enjoyed the activities and gave me such wonderful feedback.

I had wondered at the beginning how effective could a course be without face to face classroom contact. However it was very well structured and planned out so that this was not a problem at all. 

At the end, seeing the transformation in my case study clients made me happy and reinforced in me that this was exactly what I wanted to do in my life. 

The support and comments from the tutors was always encouraging and helpful. 

I finish this course with greater confidence in myself and my ability to help others.

Sonja Masia, QLD

Tutors very helpful

I have really enjoyed studying with Natural Energies College. 

The course content can be used for both personal and professional healing. 

The tutors were very helpful and their response to queries was timely.  Thank you!

Polly, VIC

Just what I needed and more!

I found this course was just what I needed and more.

I own my own massage and wellbeing business and had many clients sharing their stories often, asking for advice and searching for further help. 

This course blended what I already had studied and filled all the gaps in between. 

No looking back!

Sheree Hughson, VIC
Business owner - Massage & Wellbeing

A Great Course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. 

It was a journey and now has led me to starting my own business combining counselling skills with my fitness background.

Thank you for providing a great course.

Naomi Roberts


I enjoyed doing the two certificate courses and am happy to have done them.

Julie, NSW
Customer Service Officer

Learnt so much

….this course has given me the confidence to practise both personally and professionally. I’ve learnt so much and trust much more in the process that we are the creators of our universe…

Serah Ong


The course content and delivery were informative, professional and comprehensive.

The course from beginning to end was extensive in all aspects. The feedback with grading was excellent.

This course is suitable for both those that are new to holistic therapies and existing practitioners wanting to expand their skill base.

Tina, QLD
Professional Medium


…… I have had tears, deep thoughts, denial and even anger. Now I have healing, love, peace and calmness, as well as knowledge. I truly believe everyone should do a course like this one. What I now am able to do is help others get through what I did by myself.

The course content was perfect, the exercises perfect and tutoring was prompt and full of loving kind words. 

I looked forward to my tutor’s beautiful comments as they helped me with my confidence and the determination to carry on. I rarely give 10 out of 10 when doing an evaluation, but this time, I¬†am unable to fault anything.¬†¬†

I recommend this course to everyone.

Receptionist Natural Therapies Clinic

Certificate Colour Therapy


I have really enjoyed completing my Certificate in Colour Therapy with Natural Energies College.

I loved the flow of the course, and learning about energy, chakras, auras etc. interwoven with beautiful colour therapy applications.

During my case study exam I found the feedback and guidance I received enabled me to not only achieve great outcomes for my client but really consolidate my learning, and build my intuition to continue my colour and healing journey!

Rebecca Abbey, VIC

True Blessing

I really enjoyed studying this course.

The power of colour is very important when it comes to healing in a holistic sense.

The activities were lots of fun to complete and the Rainbow Healing book has lots of brilliant information to refer back to.

It was a true blessing having the opportunity to study this course to further my healing practice in so many aspects.

That you Stephanie Egan for sharing your wisdom; it’s very much appreciated.

Madeleine Nassis, NSW
Holistic Counsellor Angelic Reiki Master Psychic Medium


Over the last year I have had the pleasure to study online with Natural Energies College, doing a certificate in colour therapy.

I was surprised how in-depth the course was which gave me a far better base of knowledge than I had anticipated.

The response to any queries I had was prompt and the tutor very supportive.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying with this college as they were very professional in all aspects of what they provide.

Tracey, New Zealand
Registered Nurse

World of Colour

This course unveiled the world of colour to me in a way that brought deep understanding and appreciation into how it can benefit my loved ones and myself.

I gained knowledge into how powerful colour is; particularly when used for the right purposes. As a result, my life is now filled with colour.

Claire Royle, VIC


A wonderful, rewarding experience was had by both myself and my volunteer clients.

From beginning to end, it has been full of surprises and new learning experiences that have proven to be very enlightening.

Thank you Natural Energies College for this empowering experience ūüôā

Energy Healer

Highly recommend!

This course was thorough and very well supported.

It provided thoughtful, constructive feedback that allowed growth and learning in a safe environment.

Highly recommend!

Fiona Santangelo

Valuable Experience

I had wanted to complete this course for a while and was tentative; then I took the plunge and enrolled.

The course content grabbed me from the start.

It was easy to understand, and the practical activities were a good experience in building up to the final case study.

All through the course I was supported and given valuable feedback after every assessment.

The final case study was a valuable experience. Having to submit my notes after the sessions gave me confidence to think more and work with my client.

Getting to the end of my case study has really given me the confidence to move forward in my new career.

Tracey, NSW

Bright and Beautiful

I feel the best way to describe my experience as a student of Natural Energies College and the Certificate in Colour Therapy is like this:-

“I am a tiny seed in a pot and each day the seed begins to grow as it is being fed and nurtured; and as it continues to grow, it sprouts its leaves and buds and then the bud opens up revealing its petals and shows us its colours – bright and beautiful, and yet still very gentle”.

Natural Energies College and the Certificate in Colour Therapy has been an amazing experience.

They were always professional and showed compassion, understanding and support.

I am continuing my studies with Natural Energies College and highly recommend the college to those wishing to begin on a new journey in the page of their book.

Stephanie has been a shining star lighting the way for me to continue going forward when so many obstacles came up.

I am so happy and proud to be a student of Natural Energies College.

Mary Baird, NSW
Office Coordinator

Loved learning

I have enjoyed doing the Colour Therapy course and loved learning how different colours can heal different issues; and the many ways to use colour.

I have certainly started incorporating colour into my life and look forward to continuing to use it to help my family and others.

Julie Mansell, VIC
Co-educator - Kindergarten

Highly Recommend

The course content was highly relevant with each activity purposefully designed to assist in a deeper understanding of how to apply the theoretical knowledge.

My tutor’s feedback was constructive and encouraged me to reflect on how best to meet my client’s needs through the use of colour.

I would highly recommend the course and plant to engage in further study with Natural Energies College in the future.

Donna Rose, NSW

I recommend this college

I absolutely enjoyed this course and I am interested in studying further with Natural Energies College. 

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in colour therapy. 

You’ll come to realise more about the beauty of this world we live in through studying this course.

Fumika, NSW
Early Childhood Educator

Happy to Recommend

(Completed Cert. Crystal Healing & Colour Therapy)

I am happy to recommend both courses. They have an excellent blend of theory and activities.The manuals were comprehensive and a useful guide for practice. 

The case study exam provided me with an opportunity to practise new skills and be provided with consistent feedback from the client and my supervisor.

Elizabeth Teesdale-Smith, SA
Trauma Therapist

Thank you

I feel I have grown in my healing journey and have a different perspective on some things than I had before undertaking this course. 

I am starting to trust myself more and more.

Thank you for the support and prompt replies to any questions I had.

Cazna Lowen, New Zealand
Workplace Tutor


Over the duration of this course I found the use of colour powerful in the healing process. 

A very informative course that is easily understood and completed.

Jil-Maree, NSW

Absolute Delight

I enrolled in both the Certificate in Colour Therapy and Certificate in Crystal Healing and found them to be an absolute delight to study. 

I now feel excited about how both modalities can be used in our daily practices to enhance happiness, wellbeing & health. 

The activities are sometimes challenging and all rewarding. 

The support and guidance throughout the course was excellent. 

The healings are subtle, yet profound. 

Learning from Natural Energies College was a fabulous experience.

Zoe Yelds, NSW
Resource & Education Director


The certificate in Colour Therapy was an amazing course, both personally and professionally. 

The course material was highly enjoyable and the progress and results I experienced and saw in others was astounding.

Katie, SA


The course was a rewarding, challenging and awakening opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in holistic health and education -which would benefit any person in any field who is interested in self development.

Katie, WA
Teacher/Education Consultant

Great learning experience

I enjoyed the course.

 It was a really great learning experience both personally and professionally.



The certificate in colour therapy is one of the most comprehensive courses I have completed. 

The study materials are excellent and very well thought out.

Tutorial assistance has been perfect.

Sales Manager

Valuable Experience

I have always loved colour, but using it to help people improve thier lives was very satisfying.

The case studies at the end of the course and the feedback from my tutor was a very valuable experience.

Lorraine, NSW
Office Manager

Immensely Enjoyable

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of the college and high standard of materials provided.

The course has taken me on a wonderful journey of self discovery and given me the tools to share the benefits of colour with others. The course content and structure were excellent. 

The tutorial assistance was always helpful and insightful and has given me the confidence to move forward as a practitioner in this field.

I highly recommend this course to others.

Kerrie Clayton, VIC

More empowered

I’ve always been drawn to wearing black but since I began this course my world has become much more colourful and as a result so has my life!

I apply what I have learnt in this course every day and feel so much more empowered as a result of understanding the language of colour.

Anne M.
Project Manager

Certificate Metaphysical Studies


This course of study was immersive, insightful and inspiring.

The content was thorough, expansive and highly informative. The activities challenge your senses on all levels of being.

I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone seeking education on energy healing and associated metaphysical practices.

Thank you for providing such an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Warm blessings, Sonia

Sonia Estago-Cers, VIC


Thoroughly enjoyed this course. I learnt a lot and had fun.

This course is in-depth and has many stages.

The college is very supportive, professional and punctual.

Thanks for adding to my journey.

Kaylene, NSW


This course offered exactly what I was looking for in understanding the world of metaphysics.

It has helped me with my own healing and the healing of others.

I look forward to integrating what I have learned from this course in my life now and in years to come.

Tayla, NSW
Secondary School Teacher

Easy to follow

I thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate in Metaphysical Studies with Natural Energies College.

The course structure, modules and study material is well presented and easy to follow.

Stephanie’s feedback is positive, helpful and encouraging.

The practical activities and assessments where fun for both myself and my volunteers.

This course has helped me to develop my psychic abilities, spiritual awareness and intuition. I have a better understanding of the esoteric practices and I’m looking forward to applying my new skills for the benefit of others as well as for my own personal growth.

Robyn Elkasovic, VIC
Reiki & Crystal Healing Practitioner


I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my metaphysical studies course!

It covers a wide range of topics, providing great content and practical activities.

The supervision and support is amazing, and very personable for an online course.

I can’t recommend highly enough to anyone wanting to further their knowledge in esoteric subjects and energy healing; either for personal growth or as a career path.

Thank you for creating such great courses!!

Amy Lyons, QLD
Registered Nurse

Really Enjoyable

I wanted to complete my certificate in Metaphysical Studies to help my own spiritual growth; as well as that of others.

The course was not only educational but really enjoyable also.

It has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to begin working with clients; and I plan to begin the Diploma in Holistic Counselling next year to further strengthen my practice.

Edith Ferraro, QLD
Senior Project Officer

Worth it!!

If anyone is having second thoughts on doing the Metaphysics course – don’t.

I work full time in a very demanding global corporate role and have somehow managed to fit this in, and boy it was worth it!!

I did the course to confirm a lot of things I thought I naturally knew, and totally irrelevant to my existing career.

This course has not only confirmed them, but has also taught me so much more, enabling me to potentially go down this path, thanks to all I’ve learnt.

The content is excellent and the reminders and updates received from the college ensure you stay on track, which really assists in completion.

Excellent course and highly recommended!

Joan Wakim, VIC

Fantastic Foundation

The courses provided by Natural Energies College are rich in content and provide a wonderful avenue for students to learn.

The course provides a fantastic foundation for people to do complementary healing work.

Natalee Finn, ACT
Psychic Healer

Fantastic Experience

I have really loved doing this course.

I have been interested in metaphysics for a long time but have never done anything about it.

I have many books on topics covered in the course, but reading and using skills practically are very different.

I feel I am a better person for having done the course as I have learnt so much about myself during this time.

Thank you Stephanie, for the opportunity to learn, experience and grow.

Lisa Clark, NSW
Resource Manager

Easy to read

The Metaphysics certificate course offered by Natural Energies College was most enjoyable and very extensive. 

The theory  was easy to read and understand; and corresponding activities served for good application of techniques. A broad range of techniques were taught, which can easily be used in practice. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to increase their knowledge in Metaphysics.

Anotinette Thompson, NSW

Life changing

This course was life changing and I recommend it to everybody that is interested in spiritual healing and development.

Joanne, NSW
Case Worker

Highly Recommend

I had always wanted to learn more about Metaphysics and this course gave me a thorough overview of topics related to spiritual healing and well being.

Given the correspondence format, I thought that I would need to muster motivation to keep going; but quite the contrary. 

I was excited and enthusiastic about all topics, largely due to the course structure and support.

I highly recommend this course and I have gained much from it that I can actually use on a day to day basis.

Veronica Strangio, VIC
Trainer & Assessor

Amazing Journey

This course has given me the skills and knowledge to be a Holistic Healer. 

During this amazing journey, I also learnt so much about myself which enabled me to grow mentally and spiritually.

Forever grateful!!

Tania Luciani, VIC
Enrolled Nurse

Well Structured

This course is well structured; with a wide range of activities to guide the student.

The feedback on assessments is thoughtful and informative.

I learnt so much about myself and healing practices through this course.


Jane, WA
Reiki Practitioner

Best Path

I have already recommended the course to a few people; one I’m sure is already your student and more to come.

This is the best path to add spiritual knowledge to clinical practice.

Jana, NSW


A fantastic learning experience and it includes many topics I had not yet explored. 

I was very happy with the course content as well as the tutorial assistance when it was needed.

Tara Schmidt
Holistic & Alternative Therapist; Medium

Easy to understand

I enjoyed the whole course. It was easy to understand and Stephanie gave good advice and direction.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to refresh their skills or is just starting to explore the wonderful world of spirituality. 

Metaphysical studies is a great place to start.

I discovered a lot about myself while doing this course.

Debra Warren
Sewing Machinist

Great foundation

(Certificates in Crystal Healing & Metaphysical Studies)

This is a great way of extending your knowledge and skills in crystals and metaphysical studies. 

You are exposed to a wide array of modalities within the field; and this forms a great foundation to build on your own expertise Рwhether you are starting out or have been practising for a while. 

You can work at your own pace and have access to a lot of resources.



I enjoyed this course very much as it was extremely informative and the activities were good for practising and healing of one’s self (which as a healer, we don’t do as often as we should).

Would definitely recommend ūüôā

Erika Allan, NSW
Sales Assistant

Amazing Knowledge

I have really gained a lot from doing this certificate in Metaphysical Studies. 

I can now combine it with my other studies of Naturopathy.

I loved the flexibility and applying the practical activities on myself and others. 

It helped to really understand the information on a different level.

Thank you for your guidance and inspiration. 

You really have opened up another door for me and I can’t wait to touch people’s lives and share this amazing knowledge.

Kayla, VIC


Thank you for providing an excellent course. 

I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot; and it has given me the confidence to work towards building a business as a healer. 

I feel that the guidance I received from my tutor allowed me to really  help my volunteer clients; and I would happily continue my studies with Natural Energies College.

Sharon, QLD


I found the college to be very supportive and enjoyed my studies. 

The modules are very easy to follow and the knowledge gained from the course can be integrated in your practice with confidence.

Karen Whitehead, WA

A fantastic course!

What a fantastic course! I will be coming back to study more!

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to know more about Metaphysical Studies. 

I learnt a heap of things that were interesting and kept me enthralled and eager. 

Many a night was spent reading and studying!

Tamara Bellinger, QLD

A Perfect Course!!

A perfect course!! 

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in metaphysics.  

This course has taught me so much.

Helen Tona


I enjoyed doing the two certificate courses and am happy to have done them.

Julie, NSW
Customer Service Officer

Great support

This course was  thorough with really good learning activities that substantiated the theory.

The supervisor was excellent – great support. Thank you so much.

The course was logical in its approach and thorough in its content.  

I hadn’t studied for a while, but soon found that this was the perfect course for my new direction in life.

Stephanie is a great mentor. She is encouraging and extremely helpful in her recommendations.

I would love to do more courses with Natural Energies College.

Debra Webb
Metaphysical Healer

Building knowledge

As a Reiki practitioner, I enrolled in this course thinking it would be mainly revision for me. 

Instead I found myself learning and building on my knowledge of energy healing and discovering techniques that have truly enhanced my Reiki sessions. 

My clients are delighted and so am I. 

I have walked away from this course with so much more than what I expected. 

Thank you.

Reiki Practitioner

Beautiful journey

This course has taken me on an intense, beautiful journey of my inner self.

The activities are designed in such a way that you feel confident, competent and connected as you explore your own unique healing abilities.

Leigh, VIC
Flower Essence Practitioner

Base Chakra

Base Chakra Level 1

Doing this course enabled me to realize I was not doing what I was meant to be doing. It helped me to get unstuck and start moving forward in the right direction. The exercises were easy and enjoyable while still being very effective and insightful. I found them to be very healing as I worked through stuff I needed to let go of.

I have completed several courses around setting goals and motivation and have to say this is the first course where I feel I actually achieved my goal and successfully made the changes I needed to.

I highly recommend this course and can see the benefits of repeating it as more and more layers will unfold

Sharon, VIC

Base Chakra Level 1

This was a powerful course for my personal development as well as for my confidence.

I was able to reconnect with my family of origin in a deeper, more meaningful way and able to move through old patterns and beliefs that were holding me back.

I was able to create a relationship with exercise and have been able to maintain and even enjoy it Рsomething I never thought possible. 

LIzzy, VIC

Base Chakra Level 1

At first I did not know what to expect. I certainly did not expect the activity level that was set out in the program.

I really enjoyed engaging with the content through meditations, rituals and goal setting activities.

Once I got started I could not stop.

Very well presented.

Peta Robinson, NSW

Base Chakra Level 1

This course is absolutely amazing at showing parts of thyself that not ever have I, or any of my clinical therapists,  psychologists etc been able to enlighten me on Рnot even a third of what this teaching has.

Not only is it unbelievably incredibly insightful, its structured in a way that completely supports you every step of the way.

I cannot talk highly enough on how remarkably wonderfully put together and presented this course is.

I was rather anxious as its been a very long time since I’ve studied, and I’m not a tech person at all. All my pre jitter flights were looked after with the work schedule already done for you. All that’s left to do is follow!

Ever grateful NEC.

Candice Pickett, QLD

Base Chakra Level 1

This course has been fabulous in that it brought a whole lot more depth to my understanding of the base chakra and how one can work with it.

The exercises are incredibly useful and rather illuminating, self-discovery is the name of the game. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt to good use!

Carolyn, QLD

Base Chakra Level 1

This course helped me to discover depths of myself I hadn’t really understood before.

Identifying my earth element, really opened up another level of self-understanding for me.

I have grown and developed my true nature so much throughout this entire unit and I am really looking forward to continuing with many of the practices I have been taught.

I highly recommend taking your time with this unit. Allowing this between topics and giving the rituals and practices time to develop really strengthens and builds your self-understanding. Furthermore it allows you and the universe time to bring the things you are focusing on into alignment.

Elle Polson, VIC
Correctional Officer

Base Chakra Level 2

This course has been excellent.

I did lot’s of self discovery and uncovered amazing new ways of being.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to grow mindfully within themselves.

Elle Polson, QLD

Base Chakra Level 1

This course has been excellent.

I did lot’s of self discovery and uncovered amazing new ways of being.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to grow mindfully within themselves.

Felicia, VIC

Base Chakra Level 1

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to gain further knowledge about the base chakra to cleanse, clear and ground myself in a holistic manner.

This base chakra short course has allowed me to heal and it has further sparked my passion for spiritual and holistic practices.

Thank you.

Teresa, QLD

Base Chakra Level 1

Absolutely loved this short course!

User friendly, simple and easy to read but filled with an immense amount of information.

Highly recommend to all!!!

Celina Fato

Base Chakra Level 2

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

I keep reminding myself what a great decision this was; the course is so great and everything is organised so well.

It’s pretty incredible to be on this kind of learning journey.


Base Chakra Level 2

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend anyone doing it.

I felt that it really helped put things into a more clearer perspective for me; and gave me more motivation to embark on my own inner and outer health journey.

I discovered what things are holding me back and where I need to put my attention moving forward.

I also discovered what was really important to me and feel as though the course helped me create a good foundation to achieving my goals and improving my circumstances.

Melissa, VIC

Base Chakra Level 2

Loved it! Full of depth but easy to read and get through. Highly recommend to all. 

Celina Fato, VIC

Base Chakra Level 2

Really useful in pinpointing certain areas in my energy that need work and strengthening . I didn’t realise this was all connected to the one chakra.

James, NSW

Base Chakra Level 1

I really enjoyed the Base Chakra Short Course Level 1.

This course had so much more content than what I had envisaged, and it was well laid out and easy to follow.

The activities were easily adapted into everyday life and provided personal insight that will no doubt prove beneficial to my personal growth.

Highly recommend.

Kim, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Base Chakra Level 2

The Base Chakra Level 2 course continued on from Level 1 beautifully. 

I didn’t feel ready at the end of Level 1 to move on to the next chakra but now at the end of Level 2, I do.¬†

I feel like Level 2 explored the Base Chakra in further depth and then nicely rounded it off. Loved it! Thank you.


Base Chakra Level 1

Before starting this course, my life was busy and overwhelming. Running a wildlife shelter left little time for self care.

(Since completing this course), I am now back on track. I have the energy for all the things that matter. I feel calm and centred. 

I have achievable short term goals and am ready for what life brings.


Base Chakra Level 2

Very glad I enrolled to do this course- looking forward to working through the rest of the Chakras.

Roslyn, WA

Base Chakra Level 1

So happy! 

I am blown away with the content, the activities and the growth I am experiencing.

Cassandra, NSW
Dancer / Reiki Practitioner

Base Chakra Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking a better understanding of themselves. 

It helped me identify where and also when I need grounding and the grounding techniques provided have been really useful. 

I had two major revelations during this module and both have not only made me more self aware but also helped me adopt a more positive mindset. My perspective on work shifted as I worked through this module and I really needed that shift in order to move forward. 

I have also established some firm guidelines and a process for decision making that I hold myself to. This has helped reduce so much unnecessary mental chatter/clutter and created more space in my mind. 

Thank you so much.

Karen, NSW

Base Chakra Level 1

I loved doing this course.

I love that this course provided me with the opportunity to conduct both theory and practical based activities to expand my knowledge and skills in relation to the Base Chakra. 

Apart from the benefits I gained personally and spiritually, the knowledge and skills I have acquired through the learning activities, self exploration and reflection, I have been able to apply in my Holistic Counselling sessions. 

Its been a win win….. Thank you

Susan, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Base Chakra Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and gained a great deal from it. 

I look forward to embarking on the rest of the chakra courses.

Roslyn, WA

Base Chakra Level 1

I have enjoyed learning new things and have benefited greatly by the self paced style; and the amount of activities involved. 

Base Chakra Level 1 and 2

These courses encourage you to stop talking and start doing – and that’s exactly what I needed!

I had been feeling lethargic and disheartened since Covid and by the time I had finished the 2 base chakra courses I felt more like myself again.

I now feel hopeful and motivated and am looking forward to moving on to the sacral centre courses.

Thank you!

Anne A. QLD

Base Chakra Level 2

I always thought I had a good understanding of the base chakra Рhow it related to my life, how to ground myself fully and how to heal any imbalances. When I did this course though, I realised I had just been skimming the surface. 

The course delves really deeply into all the different aspects of this chakra and encouraged me to investigate exactly what was lacking and was holding me back from achieving my goals. Some of the answers were quite suprising!

I have already seen some positive changes in my mindset, my work life and even in my physical health. 

The course is beautifully written and easy to follow.

I’m looking forward to getting started on the next one.¬†

Helen Fletcher, VIC
Energy Healer

Sacral Centre

Sacral Centre Level 1

I love the way that these short courses make you look at your life from different angles and perspectives.

It can bring a new understanding to things and, after doing some of the exercises in this course, I was finally able to feel a big shift in an issue I have been struggling with for a long time.

Helen Fletcher, VIC
Energy Healer

Sacral Centre Level 1

I absolutely loved this course.
There was a lot of happy energy for me surrounding it.

The tasks in this topic especially helped me to strengthen my own abilities and learn more techniques which will assist in my own personal growth, balance and flow.

I especially loved completing the activities which helped to move energy throughout my body.

These are activities I have now chosen to adapt into my weekly routine for purposeful fitness.

Elle Polson, QLD

Sacral Centre Level 1

I have really enjoyed studying the Sacral Centre short course.

It is incredibly detailed and so a lot of self knowledge can be gained by doing this course.

I highly recommend it.

Gabriel Peck, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Sacral Centre Level 1

Great course with easy to follow instructions and easy to implement activities.

Very enlightening and on topic. Highly recommend.

Kim Norton, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Sacral Centre Level 2

I have loved every minute of this course and it has been incredibly powerful for my growth and development.

I didn’t want this course to end because I was enjoying it so much.

Gabriel Peck, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Sacral Centre Level 1

Absolutely loved it all!

Highly Recommend for everyone wanting to build there knowledge and skills within themselves.

Easy to read and understand but full of depth.

Carolyn, QLD

Sacral Centre Level 2

I loved doing the Sacral Chakra course.

I was fortunate enough to find that the content was thematic and relevant to my life at the time of undertaking it. 

I particular I enjoyed undertaking the activities that gave me clarity on some of my more negative beliefs and the guidance to convert them into more positive beliefs. 

Louise, VIC

Sacral Centre Level 2

Whether you are already walking the path or still trying to find it, this course will contribute to you on the levels of intellectual understanding, practice and self investigation. And if allowed, has the power to guide you towards your natural graceful state, develop a healthy functioning mind and a strong body.

Mario, WA
Community Support Worker

Sacral Centre Level 2

I loved the insights this course brought me. I especially love the meditation!

Jessica, QLD

Sacral Centre Level 2

This course gives a really in-depth and comprehensive look at the sacral chakra.

I highly recommend it for both personal development and for finding new ways to assist clients to heal.

Helen Fletcher, VIC

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Level 2

I thoroughly enjoyed this easy to follow self paced course.

The documentation is well laid out and the activities are easy to implement into everyday life.

I highly recommend this course, and the other Chakra short courses, for anyone who is willing to travel the path of self discovery and personal development.

As a Holistic Counsellor, this course has also given me further tools to help my clients achieve that same level of personal growth.

Thank you Natural Energies College.

Kim Norton, VIC
Holistic Counsellor

Solar Plexus Level 1

I really enjoyed this short course and felt a lot of joy working through it. Thanks!

Melissa, VIC

Solar Plexus Level 1

This course acted as a mirror and gave great insight into the perceptions and attitudes I hold towards life.

It has inspired me to reflect and make adjustments so that I can better serve myself and others.

Karen, NSW

Solar Plexus Level 2

Thoroughly enjoying all the short courses.

Roslyn Douglas

Solar Plexus Level 1

I loved this course!

I’ve done a lot of work on my solar plexus chakra over the years, but this course enabled me to go much deeper.

It also encouraged me and motivated me to achieve a goal that I had been putting off for months.

I’m looking forward to staring the next level of this chakra!

Helen Fletcher

Solar Plexus Level 2

I have enjoyed this course.

It has been an opportunity to see myself through a different set of eyes. I have gained great insight into myself.

Nyree Windsor, VIC

Solar Plexus Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this unit.

Easy read with an immense amount of information and easy practical tools that can applied to anyone’s day, its definitely changed my life.

Highly Recommend!!!

Celina Fato, VIC

Solar Plexus Level 1

Very insightful, great to look at the Solar Plexus so deeply.

Nyree Windsor, VIC

Solar Plexus Level 2

Loved every part of this short course.

It is simple and easy to read. Helped me immensely with bringing my solar plexus chakra to a more balanced state.

Highly recommend for personal and professional growth.

Celina Fato, VIC

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Level 2

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

It is definitely very empowering; especially when you get involved in creating your own personal space and uplifting your living area with colour, change of decor/furniture and creating balance in your environment (all with the guidance of the course manual).

The more you put into this module, the more you will benefit. I found if I gave up some lazy habits and made a concentrated effort to change the things I didn’t like in and around me, I was much happier.

Many thanks for this insightful learning experience.

Susan Farris, QLD
Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Therapist

Heart Chakra Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

It was a loving and empowering self enquiry experience.

By creating a ritual and purpose for meditation and repeating the mantras along with the guided relaxation music, I was able to feel through the process of letting go and accepting myself for who I am.

Susan, QLD

Heart Chakra Level 2

This beautiful course was very enjoyable and turned out to be very valuable too.

It made me look at certain things from a different perspective and so I was clearly able to see where I was holding myself back.

Helen Fletcher, VIC

Heart Chakra Level 1

This is a wonderful short course that made me realise how many opportunities for love and peace I have in my life that I hadn’t previously noticed.

At times I was pushed gently out of my comfort zone, but these activities always served to expand me in just the way I needed.

I have finished this course feeling much more appreciative for the people in my life and for myself.

Helen Fletcher, VIC

Heart Chakra Level 1

Thank you for all the excellent activities. I have learned so much and it has strengthened my spirituality a lot.

I can use all the skills I have gained from this short course to help so many people and I am excited about becomes a Spiritual Counsellor!

Sivanart Marich, NSW
Myotherapist - Massage Therapist - Healer & Counsellor

Heart Chakra Level 2

I am extremely happy with all the chakra short courses.

It has made me understand and accept myself more.

These courses are a good spiritual practice that everyone should benefit from.

I would recommend to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth and development. 

Sivanart Marich, NSW
Myotherapist - Massage Therapist - Healer & Counsellor

Heart Chakra Level 1

Loved it! Great tools to implement for an imbalanced heart chakra, came out the other end more balanced as a result. Easy to understand, read and filled with great content.

Celina Fato, VIC

Heart Chakra Level 2

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the heart chakra short course as it has been a very warm and rewarding experience.

Opening up your heart and feeling all the love around you sets you up for an incredibly powerful day and a life filled with abundance.

Gabrielle Peck, VIC

Heart Chakra Level 2

I enjoyed this course very much.

It was a great opportunity to get real with my self.

Nyree Windsor, VIC

Heart Chakra Level 1

A beautiful course to help bring you back to yourself with loving compassion.

Nyree Windsor, VIC

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra - Level 1

I have loved this course – the best of them all.

The throat chakra seemed to resonate with me. It was just what I needed at this point in time.


Throat Chakra Level 1

A beautiful course that reconnected me with my creative self.

Thank you.

Karen, NSW

Throat Chakra - Level 2

I have very much enjoyed this course and am happy to recommend to anyone who seeks spiritual guidance or would like to learn to help others on their spiritual journey.

10 out of 10.

Sivanart Marich
Massage Therapist/Myotherapist/Healer & Counsellor

Throat Chakra Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and got a lot out of it. It has allowed me to go deeper into my thoughts and feelings as well as to learn how to remain focused, in awareness and in the now.

Susan, QLD
Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Therapist

Throat Chakra - Level 2

I thoroughly recommend this course.

I found  that I could understand more about myself after completing the course.

I also learnt how to stay in awareness more and listen to my inner voice. 

Susan, QLD
Crystal Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Level 1

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

If you have deeper unresolved thoughts troubling you in your life Рand most of us have, then this course will give you the tools to overcome issues causing your problems with daily life; as well as help you in achieving your goals. 

Susan, QLD

Third Eye Chakra Level 2

This was a fantastic course!

It is full of  beautiful exercises and thought provoking activities, plus simple tools for living a more peaceful and inspired life.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance their connection with their own inner guidance and with the spiritual world. 

Helen, VIC

Third Eye Chakra Level 2

I am thoroughly enjoying the learning and growth of these short courses. 

One cannot just start at the Base Chakra and stop there; it is a journey to continue and grow with. 

Roslyn, WA

Third Eye Chakra Level 2

I am thoroughly enjoying the learning and growth of these short courses. 

One cannot just start at the Base Chakra and stop there; it is a journey to continue and grow with. 

Roslyn, WA

Third Eye Chakra Level 2

This course was very enjoyable. It certainly inspires and uplifts you and also makes you acknowledge and contemplate what you really want from life.

This course is a must for anyone aspiring to improve themselves and create a better balance in their life. 

Susan, QLD

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Level 2

I’ve loved this whole series of short courses!

This crown chakra course was full of valuable information and interesting exercises that showed me where I still have the opportunity for more growth.

I would highly recommend these courses to anyone wishing to evolve on a person

Helen Fletcher, VIC
Healer, Spiritual Mentor

Crown Chakra Level 2

This was the perfect way to conclude the chakra courses!

It bundled everything I have learned to date and tied it off in a big beautiful bow.

Words cannot explain my gratitude or the impact this (the whole Diploma in Spiritual Counselling) course has had on my life and self.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Karen, NSW

Crown Chakra Level 1

I enjoyed this course. It has affirmed my connection with spirit and has helped my knowledge of myself and direction in this lifetime. 

Susan, QLD

Crown Chakra Level 1 & 2

I would highly recommend all the chakra short courses. The crown chakra short courses in particular have made me feel whole.

Thank you for such a great course. I am very happy and would recommend to my friends and colleagues. 

Sivanart Marich, NSW
Massage/Myotherapist, Healer & Counsellor

Crown Chakra Level 1

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ūüôā

Karen, NSW

Crown Chakra Level 1

I love learning about the chakras. I find it is building my knowledge and helping me embed spirituality into my practice daily.