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Terms of Enrolment

  • The maximum duration is one year for the practitioner courses; two years for the advanced practitioner in holistic counselling; two years for the advanced practitioner  in complementary Therapies and two and a half years for the advanced practitioner  in Spiritual Counselling.
  • The short courses have a minimum duration of 2 weeks – the maximum duration is open (if you are enrolled in a short course only), for as long as Natural Energies College and the short courses are operational.

    Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Courses:-
  • Students may move their course commencement date up to two months from the date of enrolment.
  • Students are asked to submit work on a monthly basis for their enrolment to stay active. This is designed to keep students motivated and on track to completing their course. If a student cannot submit work for a particular month, then all they need to do is notify the college via email so that their enrolment is kept active (notification must be received prior to or during the month in question. The student does not need to supply a reason for not submitting work). It will be up to the student to catch up in subsequent months, as their course completion date will remain the same.  If a student falls considerably behind, then the college may place stipulations on the student’s enrolment that must be met for the student to remain enrolled. Students may submit up to a maximum of 6 activities per month (for advanced practitioner students) and 5 per month (for practitioner students). If a student does not notify us that they are unable to submit work for a particular month, then their enrolment may be deactivated. A $65 fee is required to reinstate their enrolment. (Student’s are permitted only one reinstatement, and this is at the discretion of the college). 
  • If a student requires more time to complete their course, they may request to defer or extend their course. To defer or extend their course, they will need to make a request to us in writing before the expiration of their course. Natural Energies College may either approve or reject an application for deferral at its absolute discretion. If a deferral application is approved, Natural Energies College may, at its absolute discretion and without limitation, extend the duration of the student’s course subject to any conditions including as to duration of any deferral or extension, the terms of reinstatement/extension, including payment of reinstatement fees or monthly extension fees.

    All courses:-
  • Our manuals are compatible with both Windows and MAC computers. No responsibility is taken by the college for computer technical problems; this is the sole responsibility of the student/user of the course manuals. Any adjustments or maintenance required to the student’s computer to enable them to use the manuals and complete their studies is the sole responsibility of the student. The college maintains an up to date antivirus program and all emails and documents are scanned prior to being sent. However we cannot be held liable for any viruses or damage during transfer of emails and attachments. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure they have an up do date antivirus program that scans emails, flash drives and documents prior to opening or sending.
  • The college reserves the right in its absolute discretion to grant or refuse enrolment without assigning reason thereof. The college also reserves the right to cancel a student’s enrolment if they are in breach of the AHHCA code of conduct or professional ethics as set out by the college and accrediting bodies.
  • Course fees, schedules, syllabus, course requirements, terms of enrolment, and particulars are subject to change. Students will be informed via email of any relevant changes as they arise.
  • All payments are non refundable and non transferable once the study pack has been emailed to the student.
  • NEC courses have metaphysical topics that would not be suitable for people that have Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychosis or any other similar hallucinatory conditions.

Privacy policy

  • The following information sets forth the privacy policy for Natural Energies College and its website –
  • Natural Energies College takes reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality and privacy obligations are maintained. Personal Information is held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.

Collection of your personal information

  • For each visitor to view the site, we collect non-personally identifiable information, such as, but not limited to, pages viewed and pages access times. This information is used solely for the purpose of gauging visitor traffic and trends.

Enquiry and Registration of Interest Forms

  • Information collected from the Contact us and Registration of Interest forms is to allow us to respond effectively to your query and to inform you when a placement is available (if you have registered interest). Your name and email address will be securely stored, in order to create a student file if you should proceed to enrol at a future date. We do not use your information to send third party marketing material.
  • When you register interest in enrolment for a future month, you will receive an invitation to enrol, followed by enrolment reminder.s After these emails, your name and email address will be removed from our enrolment mailing list unless you request otherwise.

Enrolment Application

  • Information collected from your application is collected for the purpose of processing your enrolment, creating a student file and for tracking trends (such as, but not limited to, age groups, existing qualifications, purpose of study), in order to understand and better meet the needs of our students and the direction of the college and the holistic health industry.
  • Students are asked to notify us via email of any change to their name or contact details to ensure the information we hold is accurate and up to date.
  • A photo ID of the student is collected at the time of enrolment (for practitioner and advanced practitioner students) to confirm name, age and identity. A copy of the photo (only) from these mediums, (minus the accompanying information), is stored in the student’s file for identification purposes, should this be required by law or accrediting bodies. Once your enrolment is processed, the copy of your license or passport, if you have supplied either of these, will be deleted.
  • A copy of the student’s health care card is collected to confirm their concession status. The health care card copy is subsequently deleted.

Website – Student pages 

  • Natural Energies College students will be given a username by the college for access to our Student portal on our site. Each time a student logs in to our Student Portal, a record is logged (that includes, but is not limited to, the username and pages visited) for the purpose of:

    • ensuring all access to our secure zone pages is authorised; and
    • to collect trends that will enable us to provide students with effective student support pages.
  • Access to the Student Portal will also require a password that will be created by the student. Natural Energies College does not have access to this password.

Student Submissions and Grades 

  • Student homework submissions will be stored electronically in the student’s file for the duration of their studies, in case these need to be referred to by the tutor or student. Only the student’s tutor and college principal have access to student submissions.
  • Upon graduation, the student’s assignments are deleted, with the exception of the exams, grades and study logs. These are stored, should the college be audited by the accrediting body.
  • We also keep a copy of accompanying documents such as, but not limited to, tax receipts, enrolment applications and graduation paperwork for:

    • legal and accreditation purposes;
    • to resupply the student with their certificate, reference or Statement of Results, should they lose the originals;
    • future studies; should the student enrol in another course with Natural Energies College.

Student Emails

  • Email correspondence between the student and the college is stored, should this information need to be referenced by the college or student at a future date.

Sharing of your personal information

  • We may hire contractors or an organisation to provide services on our behalf; including but not limited to, website maintenance, customer support enquiries,  processing enrolments or other student services. These parties will be permitted to obtain only the information they need to deliver the service. Natural Energies College takes reasonable steps to ensure that any hired people or organisations are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations to the protection of your personal information.

Accessing your personal Information

  • You have the right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to do so, please let us know via email.  Natural Energies College reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for, and providing access to your information on a per request basis.

Contacting us

  • If you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact us through the enquiry form during business hours, Monday to Friday.


Holistic Living and wellbeing information on this website is not intended to be used as a substitute to medical prescription or treatment. It is advised that any healing or well being actions undertaken, be done so under the supervision or guidance of a medical or other professional health care practitioner as appropriate. Users of this website take full responsibility if they choose to apply or pass on any information gained herein. Please exercise care and logic in practice, staying within the limits of your qualifications.

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