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Placing your Submissions on Hold - or - Deferring your Enrolment

Placing your submissions on hold

If you are unable to submit work for up to 3 consecutive months but want to keep your enrolment active, then you can put your submissions on hold.

This option is suitable if you have considerable time still remaining on your course duration, or you are already paying extension fees.

Terms and Conditions for placing your submissions on hold
You can place your course on hold for 3 consecutive months.

Your enrolment will stay active. You will continue to receive college update emails and have access to the student portal. 

Your course completion date will remain the same; so it will be a matter of catching up on the months that you have missed once you resume your studies.

Should you not submit work or contact the college in the month after the three month hold, your enrolment will be deactivated. A reinstatement fee will apply to reactivate your enrolment. (Please see terms and conditions for enrolment deactivation below.)

If your enrolment has been previously deactivated or deferred, and you do not submit work or contact the college immediately after the 3 month hold, then your enrolment will be permanently cancelled – no refunds will apply.

To place your submissions on hold, please fill in the form below.

deferring your enrolment

If you are unable to submit work for longer than 3 months; then you can opt to defer your enrolment. By deferring your enrolment you would be ‘freezing’ the remaining duration of your course so that you have it at your disposal when you resume your studies.

This option is suitable for students that need to place their course on hold for a substantial time (up to 6 months); or that don’t want to catch up on the months they have missed, or who have limited time remaining on their course.

If you want to defer your enrolment, please read the following Terms and Conditions and then fill out the form below.

Terms and Conditions for Deferring your Enrolment – (or if your Enrolment is Deactivated)

Natural Energies College may either approve or reject an application for deferral of one’s enrolment at its absolute discretion. If a deferral is approved, Natural Energies College may, at its absolute discretion and without limitation, extend the duration of the course subject to any conditions including as to duration of any deferral, the terms of reinstatement, including payment of reinstatement fees or extension fees.

If an application to defer your enrolment is approved (or if your enrolment is deactivated by the college):-

    • You may lapse/defer your enrolment (or have it deactivated) once only. All information below applies to both deferment and deactivation of one’s enrolment. Note; If the college has previously deactivated your enrolment, then deferment is not possible. 
    • You may defer your enrolment for up to 6 months (Subject to approval and dependent on how far into the course you are). Natural Energies College will not contact you when the six month duration is up. It will be up to you to contact the college and request a reinstatement of your enrolment by or before the six month duration. Should you not reinstate your enrolment within this timeframe, then your enrolment will be cancelled.
      Note: No refunds will be provided if your enrolment is cancelled; or if you withdraw altogether from your course;  if the NEC course or college ceases to operate during your deferment, or if the college ceases to operate any time after you have reinstated your enrolment. 
    • Whilst your enrolment is lapsed, you are officially not a student of Natural Energies College. You will not receive update emails from the college. You will also not have access to the Student portal on our website. However these services will be reactivated upon reinstatement.
    • Our college insurance specifies that if you have defer your enrolment, or it is deactivated, you should not complete course activities on yourself or others, or provide health and wellbeing advice to others that you have gained via your NEC studies, until you reinstate your enrolment.
    • Upon reinstatement, you may have the same amount of time in which to complete your course, as the time you had when your enrolment was deferred**. If you need additional time, an extension may be granted at the absolute discretion of Natural Energies College. Should an extension be approved, monthly extension fees will apply (currently $55 for certificate students; $110 for Practitioner students) until you graduate. No refund will apply if an extension is not granted.

      **The college may at its discretion apply further stipulations upon reinstatement, including (but not limited to) :-                    
                                   – you must submit the maximum quota every month ( 5 to 6 activities, depending on the course you are enrolled in)                     
                                   – no extensions will be available. No refunds will apply if you do not complete your course in time.
                                   – a shorter course duration may apply.
                                   – no further reinstatements will apply.   
                                   – student insurance may need to be purchased (at the cost of the student to cover them for the remainder of their course). The                                             student may need to also purchase student membership with the AHHCA in addition to student insurance).
                                   – no refunds will apply if the student is unable to meet any stipulations that are placed upon their reinstatement.

  • Reinstatement stipulations are put in place to ensure the student graduates within a reasonable timeframe; and within a duration in which the college can accommodate them (beyond their original course completion date). Reinstatement stipulations are more likely to apply to students that have a substantial amount of course duration remaining, or have a substantial amount of course work remaining.  
    • A reinstatement fee (presently $65) will apply when you reinstate your studies.
    • Reinstatement can only occur during NEC semesters. So you would need to reinstate your enrolment either prior to a college break, or after the college recommences.
    • If you defer your enrolment during your case study exam. Then when you reinstate your studies, you will need to recommence your case study exam with a new volunteer.
    • If any changes are made to the modules or course requirements whilst your enrolment is deferred, then these would apply when you resume your studies. Course fees, including reinstatement and extension fees; course requirements, reinstatement and deferral rules are all subject to change.
    • When you are ready to resume your studies, all you need to do is send the college an email requesting to reinstate your enrolment. Please include in the email your full name (as was provided on your enrolment application) and your student ID number.
    • If all course placements are full, then a waiting period may apply for reinstatement.

If you want to put your submissions on hold or  defer your enrolment, please fill out the form below.

(Note for deferrals: Your enrolment will be deferred as of this month. If you want to defer your enrolment in a future month, then please wait until that time comes before filling out the form.)